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Brain Dump, serious poem


My Queen and I are in an open, long distance relationship. She lives in Antigua, and has been with me for two months, but that time ends for us on Sunday. I’m trying to deal, and I usually do so by writing. This is the other side of Passion … passionate emotions, not always sexual emotions.  #Brain Dump

So, I’m dropping this here. Pray for me.

Crying young woman

Crying young woman


Emotions trickle wetly down quivering cheeks
And drip off my chin, struggling in vain to be strong:
I hate this part.
Balance is key … absence makes the heart grow fonder…
All these cute sayings fizzle into insignificance in the heat of separation;
It feels like my heart is breaking.
Like it’s already shattered into irreparable pieces
And I am left with a dustpan and hand broom
Trying to sweep up the shards
So my feet are not punctured while I walk past this pain
Because life has to go on.

This 50 first dates kinda love
This reconnecting every time kinda love
This strengthening our resolve kinda love

I take each breath because I must,
Breathing because by living I survive.
The pain is intense for a moment
Dulling to an ache that never really goes away
Until you are here with me once more.
So I hold it in, smiles shining through the tears
As I reminisce over memories nestled into our shared consciousness.
And I honor your role in my life in making me grow
Your influence, the light to my seed
Buried in the soil of potential
Germinating finally into new life.

So, as emotions trickle wetly down my quivering cheeks
And drip off my chin, as I struggle to be strong…
I give thanks
For you.
For you
You are the reason for my strength
You are the power behind my pen
You are the light shining from my eyes
And the motivation for my forward motion.

I am because you are.
And though we physically part
Know my heart stretches towards you from this you-niverse to the next
And back again.

We are never alone.
I love you.

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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