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On this day August 14, 2014, I married my love, my light, my best friend and my Queen… Felicia Ma’at Martin-Gibson. We have been apart for far too long, but know that I love you more and more each second. As I always tell you, every cell of my body screams your name every day. As we embark on this, our first wedding anniversary, know that you are the true love of my life and I am blessed you are in my life!

Wedding 1


My love for you is unspeakable – I mean, so remarkable that it steals my voice;
Makes me unable to articulate or pontificate upon the wonder that is you.
I can’t bring myself to describe how much you mean to me –
How happily I spend my days dreaming about new ways of expressing my blessing,
Because I am completely and utterly consumed with my love for you.
It makes me go mute; I’m unable to transmute my emotion into words
Which is absurd, because words are my currency
And my fluency with their use is what I am known for…
But, you see, where you are concerned, my love ties my tongue
Makes my thoughts spin ‘round and ‘round like they are on the dance floor
In beautiful waltzes, but when they are done, they are unsure of their footing
As though slipping because of a lack of balance; my love makes my talents go awry,
And, I am sure I know why: ‘cause my love is unspeakable…
It is too holy to be sullied with explanations
Or expectations
The permutations of my mental conversations make describing my love difficult –
Even impossible…
Because I can’t describe the depth of my adoration with mere sound and breath:
It is improbable that even this poem will do it justice…
But all I can do is just this:
I can send you my love in poetic form, let good feelings keep you warm
As our hearts knit and forge into one, distance falls away
As hearts say everything that tongues cannot
And, as we embrace, crossing over another threshold of a year
I swear, for all my tongue’s silence, my life is shouting from the rooftops
For our love cannot be explained by onlookers or passersby
That’s why – our love is unspeakable!

Wedding 3

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