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 I haven’t been on this space enough … my stats have shown a steady decline in views. Hopefully I can revive this space soon…  I’ve been trying to push other aspects of my Erotic Empire by opening up a Whatsapp group as well as pushing my FB groups. I got a couple books sold last weekend and performed for the first time in a couple months at an open mic.  Had a great weekend!

Here’s an inspired piece of poetry … tell me what you think!  Please share and comment!



Shower me in your wetness.

Let me stay under your thick lipped spout, bathing in the lusciousness of your liquid love.

Let me place my lips just there, drinking deeply from the fountain of youth,

And, as I drink, the petals part, exposing the sweetness of the inner cherry

Flooding my being with the essence of your innocence, hidden carefully from view.

I am in a sacred space, nestled between chocolate thighs, exploring secret passages

Opened only to those worthy to read the ancient tomes of passion

Written in convulsions upon quivering flesh.

Your flower petals are open, inviting me to sink deep within your wetness

My pink within your pink, probing desire with a hunger unparalleled

Feeding the need for my thirst to be assuaged, for your taste to stain my breath …

I, the greedy butterfly, getting drunk on your nectar,

Until my wings droop sluggishly from inebriation.


But the invitation is still open.

Intentions stiffen as aromatic flavor causes desires to harden

Floral bouquet stirs up cravings – fanning faint feelings into frenzied flurries of passion

And I cannot wait any longer; I want – no, I need – to come inside and continue my exploration.

So I position my intention at the entrance of your invitation,

Sliding deep into the recesses of our consummation.

Our rhythm synchronized with the intensity of our emotion,

Slow movements steadily increase their momentum

Escalating the friction between wet heat and stiff penetration

And we stroke egos until our spontaneous eruptions become simultaneous.

Until exertions drip with salty smiles and ragged breath.


About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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