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Yoni Whisperer

Enjoy this new poem … Sapiosexualism done PassionStyle!   Yoni Whisperer…. Let stiff syllables graze entrance to intellect’s womanhood, With briefest of beats, cadence barely audible, As though feathers fluttered past mind’s labia, teasing. Let probing phrases gently invade mental folds seeking wetness, Seeking evidence that you are ready for ideas’ insertion; Intellect opening like … Continue reading

The One I Imagine

This poem is one of two collaborations I did with my friend Thobekile “Thobs” Mbanda, who visited Barbados for a couple of months in 2013.  She left before we could perform our collabs together, and I decided to release one of them here. The One I Imagine Thobs You Are the man That sends Shivers … Continue reading


  I had a quick little write this weekend after thinking about the word ‘Kryptonite.’  I love having moments of inspiration based off of random words … Tell me what you think …   Picture credit: DreamerOfExistence (DeviantArt) KRYPTONITE Strength bleeds as resolve crumbles Self-determination fades Thoughts of you assassinate composure And, though, invulnerability is … Continue reading

Natural Beauty

I know that shaving is the new in-thing … but I love my Natural beauties … Natural Beauty I love your natural beauty Pinkness peeking through darkened curls Sending swirling tongue on seductive adventure Seeking the pleasure of raised nub Pink treasure presented on silver platter ….   I love your natural beauty Large eyes … Continue reading

UBAWA – Vote for me – Best Poet of the Year!

People all!  I’ve been nominated as Best Poet of the Year on the Urban Books Authors & Writers of America web site.  (I’m a Barbadian poet, but shhhhhh, let’s not tell them that yet….) http://www.ubawa.org/awards.html http://www.ubawa.org/awards.html In order to vote please visit this link – http://www.ubawa.org/awards.html!   Thank you for your support!


Do you ever feel like you are seeing the most intimate side to a writer when you are reading their work? This poem was inspired while reading “Shades of My Lipstick” by Jenavia Powell.  Her work is awesome to me. I feel like she’s stripping for me and dropping off insecurities like clothes, opening her … Continue reading


Here’s another personal poem – a superlative poem for my Queen. Indelible My love for you is indelible… Permanently written on my heart with marks that will never fade; Glowing in the dark like reflector paint hit with heart’s headlights. My love is proudly displayed like my name on my lunchbox on the first day … Continue reading


      CELEBRATION Let my words Trace Your face With my desires Let the fires Of my longing Singe your lips I want you I want to take you Claim you Make you mine Want to brand you With the heat of My Passion I want to expose the Inner folds of your Inhibitions … Continue reading

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