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Here’s another personal poem – a superlative poem for my Queen.

I Love you heart


My love for you is indelible…

Permanently written on my heart with marks that will never fade;

Glowing in the dark like reflector paint hit with heart’s headlights.
My love is proudly displayed like my name on my lunchbox on the first day of school.

It is indelible like the scratched heart and “RoGi + Felie” etched into the Tree of Life

Forever inscribed for all who pass this way to see that we not only were here,

But that we loved here – and still love here – now and for eternity…

Intentions prominently displayed: a beacon of hope

Mentioning to the world that you are for me and I for you.

My love for you is indelible…

Unable to be erased by people’s negativity and ignorance

Because we chose to walk the road less travelled and blaze our own trails.

All they accomplish is to drive us deeper into each other’s arms

So I guess it’s a win-win situation … right?

Our light shines brighter in the dimness of failed romance,

And, though our dance is different, the steps inspire others to watch

And marvel at the intricacies of our movements.

My love for you is indelible…

Enduring memories etched upon the fabric of time

So unforgettable that our love is bookmarked by the Divine

So She can return again and again and be entertained by our connection.

For our love is eternal, it is complete, it is indestructible…

We will never be torn asunder; it is a source of awe and wonder –

Our love is truly indelible.

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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