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Do you ever feel like you are seeing the most intimate side to a writer when you are reading their work? This poem was inspired while reading “Shades of My Lipstick” by Jenavia Powell.  Her work is awesome to me. I feel like she’s stripping for me and dropping off insecurities like clothes, opening her most secret places for my perusal.  I like it too because it’s not just sexual poems, but poems that definitely let me see her heart… oh let me just share the poem that I wrote ….

Red Lips

I love it when you get vulnerable.
I see you spreading thighs with every line
Showing me your treasure,
Wet, trembling with nervous anticipation,
Wondering if I would accept your deepest offerings…
And, I do …
While fingers slide under secrets, just so;
Gently pulling gossamer barriers aside,
Exposing mental labia
To my touch.
With every flick, pages turn,
Mind moist from voyeuristic endeavors
As layers of vulnerability slip and fall away in
Seductive strip tease.
You, thoughts spread wide apart,
Naked and far from innocent,
Yet letting me in to the core of you,
The wet of you;
feeling the need to be validated in the depths of you ….
I, watching the show,
Grow stiff in appreciation,
Drawing you closer
Until our minds join
And I copulate within your vulnerability
With the stiffness of my acceptance …
I am honored to share this moment with you!

(C) Robert Gibson 2015


To check out Jen’s book “Shades of My Lipstick” go here!

Shades Of My Lipstick

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