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Natural Beauty

I know that shaving is the new in-thing … but I love my Natural beauties …

Natural Beauty 2

Natural Beauty

I love your natural beauty

Pinkness peeking through darkened curls

Sending swirling tongue on seductive adventure

Seeking the pleasure of raised nub

Pink treasure presented on silver platter ….


I love your natural beauty

Large eyes locked, speaking of your need

Lips thick, licked in anticipation of

Tasting hardened desires against stiff vocal chords

Nipples erect under seduction’s stare

Tracing fingers there; sliding, seeking leaking fountain …


I love your natural beauty

Forest full of musk, making innocence blush

At carnal thoughts rushing rampant through eager mind.

I find I cannot wait, I must taste heaven again

And I bend to sample sweet ambrosia,

Salty sweet, highlighted with a hint of mango…


I love your natural beauty

As your body writhes under my adept attention

Did I fail to mention that tasting you is addictive?

Making my dick stiff, I am eager to please

But for now I, I tease with the promise of filling ur sacred space

Placing my hardening at your eager opening…


I love your natural beauty

Thickened hardness slowly enters gushing wetness

I feel you gasp, as tightness surrounds my probing pulse

And I push in deeper, transformed at once into a seeker of Truth

Rocking commences, as we join souls – two halves becoming whole

And we seek enlightenment through the unity of our flesh.


(c) PassionPoet / Robert Gibson 2015






About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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