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Old poem found in my archives – I don’t think it’s been posted anywhere… I can tell it’s old; I’m rhyming! LOLWET


Rain, rain,  come again…

And again … and again…

Torrential flood released

Soaking shower between

These sheets

Cool wetness now slides slowly

And meets

A searching, wondering

Questing tongue

Flicking, darting all around

To catch each drop

On its way down…

Soft sweet passion, loving intimate action:

Kissing sweet smelling rose

Budding with orgasmic shivering….

Tingling fingering making her shiver

Making her drip with burning desire –

No liquid quenching my fire


Hold, me, hold me, with all your might!

Lips pressed close, her heat is burning,

Writhing hips a-stir, with pestle churning

The sheets; each strong thrust beats

Out the rhythmic sound

Of the call of the wild.

Wanna go deep, taste the sweet

Nectar of your arousal,

Playing with budding fountain of pleasure;

With  violin’s bow, stemming

The flow of your musical moan

With a stiff riff from my conductor’s staff…

Making music with each twitch,

Scratching the itch between your legs,

Plumbing down to the dregs

Of your soul…

Make it rain, daddy, make it rain…

Pummelling passion against glass pane’s

Headboard; Nature’s climaxing

Simultaneously …

Orgasmic boom builds to mighty crescendo

Then fades slowly back into oblivion…

And then, we sleep…

Curved gently under our love’s sheets





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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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