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Author Spotlight: Jenavia Powell

What can I say about this next entrant to my Author Spotlight series? Jenavia Powell snuck up on me after I was introduced to her poetry via our mutual friend Tam Avery. Being a slut for awesome words, I started stalking her page and anywhere else I could find her.  I introduced her to my … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Gerald R. Johnson Jr.

I may love women – but I don’t only talk to them!  Gerald has the honour of being my first male Author Spotlight on the blog. *Cheers*   *Applause*   *Laugh track*   I love his humor and fun posts in our mutual group – the Erotic Empire (The FB side of PassionPoet.com) and I … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Tam Avery

We’re continuing the Author Spotlight series with one of my favourite poets, Tam Avery.  Tam has written five  (EDIT: Really it’s SEVEN!) books of poetry that you can check out by going here – Tam Avery’s Amazon Page.  Please check her out!  I have told her before that her poetry is one of my most … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Crystal L. Burks

My next Author Spotlight is of another one of my Facebook friends, Crystal L. Burks.  I have read her sexy stories in her books Ebony Articles: Volume I and Ebony Articles: Volume II and I must say I am extremely hooked. Her characters are alive with passion and I love how they jump off the page and into … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Kristi McGee

This is the first in a new series, Author Spotlight, where I interview some of my favourite authors and highlight their work.  First off the block is Kristi McGee, the author of MAGIC INK, sold on Amazon (www.createspace.com/5522673)      Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Kristi McGee? I’m just another face in the crowd. … Continue reading

Make It Raine – Update

Hey everyone – I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not dead, and neither is this blog.  I have been focused on some personal stuff – moved out to my own apartment, got closer to the missus, all good things!  I slowed down on writing a little bit, but only some of … Continue reading

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