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Make It Raine – Update

Hey everyone – I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not dead, and neither is this blog.  I have been focused on some personal stuff – moved out to my own apartment, got closer to the missus, all good things!  I slowed down on writing a little bit, but only some of it was due to life goals.  I also had an internal war with my characters. *grinning*  Some of you may know that I write by listening and watching my characters interact with one another.  Well, for months I was listening to one character’s side of things and then I switched the point of view of the story – but the original character’s voice wasn’t finished!  When I finally decided to listen to her again, my block lifted!

So, although I’ve not been writing much poetry recently, I have been pushing ahead with my MAKE IT RAINE novel.  I’m definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

What I decided to do, since I want to try to woo my readers back here again, was to release a little snippet of what I’ve written since then.

True to my tradition of dropping some heat online to whet your appetite, here’s a recent snippet of MAKE IT RAINE for you to keep your attention riveted to this space.  Coming in 2016!



“I’m a lawyer – but I didn’t come here to talk.” She pulled me to my feet. “Come – let’s dance.”

My conscience started to nag me again. What about your promises to your grandmother? Yourself? I faltered, beginning to pull away – but then Lisa kissed me. Her lips were soft and full, and were wet from the drinks we were having. She held my head and devoured my tongue with her own.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she whispered.

I tried to answer, to pull away again, but Lisa’s spell over me was complete. “No, no, no – I decided I was going to have you after you made me have to carry this dress to the dry cleaners in the morning.”

Her arms locked around me and we kissed again. The longer we kissed the farther and farther away the sound of my shouting conscience seemed, until, had I been paying attention, I would have seen my good angel as a distant silhouette waving his arms frantically, with his mouth opening and closing, but with no sound reaching me to distract me.

I unzipped her dress from the back and pulled it off her shoulders. Her breasts expanded noticeably now they were free and begged me to suck on them; I obliged happily. Her nipples hardened instantly as my tongue teased them. My eager fingers slid between her legs and slipped easily inside her sopping wet pussy. Her moan was instantaneous. That moan took me over – the sound of a woman’s ragged moan is almost as good as my own climax. I guided her to the nearest wall and pushed her against it. My tongue ravished her nipples as I fingered her; Lisa ran her hands over my back and tried to keep her composure, but I suddenly shifted my angle and she gasped. I had found her g-spot. Her body shook with the latent energy in her building orgasm and I played her body with the masterful touch of a concert pianist, making her sing notes of arousal in our mutual harmonic symphony.

“Oh Raine!” she whispered as my mouth slid lower. As my tongue touched her clit and flicked it gently, she gasped again, lifting her right foot and putting it on my shoulder, inviting me to probe her deeper. Her wetness coated my entire face; I’m a messy eater – always have been. I invaded her canal with passion – all the frustration at myself for failing at my conviction mixed with the lack of inhibition caused by the alcohol made me a sexual predator. I ate her pussy with the desperation of the damned. I no longer took my time; I devoured her full chocolate nether lips and ate like a glutton until Lisa could no longer support her own weight. I felt her body shaking as she started to slide downward against the wall, so I stopped for a second to allow her to regain composure; I did need to know where her bedroom was. I think she read my mind because she squeezed her eyes shut and willed her body to respond to her mental commands.

“Let’s take this upstairs.”


This is my first foray into novel writing and I must say I think it’s coming quite well!  RAINE is the story of a playboy poet who has been caught up in the life until his choices threw him curveballs.  Is he going to cast aside the playboy and become respectable? Will he follow his heart or continue to be a heartbreaker?  This will be an urban romance set smack dab in the middle of my island home Barbados and the Caribbean by extension. Follow his drama-filled life and discover whether he grows up …


If you are new to this space, please check out the rest of the pages on the site, and the other books I have available: EROTIC, SEDUCTION, OFFERING and QUOTES OF PASSION.

Thank you for being a part of my #EroticEmpire!


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