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Author Spotlight: Kristi McGee

This is the first in a new series, Author Spotlight, where I interview some of my favourite authors and highlight their work.  First off the block is Kristi McGee, the author of MAGIC INK, sold on Amazon (www.createspace.com/5522673


Kristi - Photo


Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Kristi McGee?

I’m just another face in the crowd. But a mind floating in the stratasphere of line…lol…perfectly imperfect and content in being so.

What got you into writing? What inspires you? What makes you think, “I have to write about that!”

Writing started as a necessity after my mother’s death. It was the only coping skill I had. I find inspiration any and everywhere. Pictures, stories, memories, or emotions. Art is everywhere.

Is poetry your main focus? Do you write other genres?

Poetry is my main focus. I’m more comfortable with it because of its open format; it has a way of reaching different people on different levels.

What is your writing primarily about?

Most my pieces, if not all of them, are feelings. I stay in my feelings way too much…lol

How has response been to your current works?
The response to my current works…hmmmm range from, “You are really talented” to “I’m surprised you could even write!” to “So … now you think you’re some big shot!”….lol So I guess it has at least been read.

As a young author, what is your most and least favourite part of this business?

My favorite and least favorite things are the same…the process of writing is a blessing and a curse. I love the release but, sometimes when it won’t manifest I’m so frustrated I can’t sleep or eat…it gets bad. As far as the business aspect….I hate pushing my book…I feel weird when I keep saying hey buy my book because I pretty damn good….
Could you give us a snippet of one of your favourite pieces of work?


Raindrops mixed with teardrops
In an effort to wash out the pain
Pencil marks, crumpled paper, trying to ink away the stain
Thoughts and memories swirling round and round
My heart broken although it never made a sound
Shattered pieces of a broken gem.

What are your future plans for your writing?

I’m putting together another book…slowly but surely..but it’s in the works. I want pictures in this book. So I’m working out copyright laws and whatnot.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Right nothing is burning…I’m a beta reader for up coming novel and kinda coaching some people on their new writings. I’m also the Booking manager for BRPP network. So I’m also helping others get their names out there.

Now it wouldn’t be a PassionPoet interview without some naughty questions. Are you ready? Let’s go….

Thongs or boyshorts? LOL

Boy shorts…they look great in my hips…lol

What’s your favourite position and why?

My favorite position is… Doggy style…as to why, well penetration is optimal. 😉

How often should you cum before you said you had a good sex session?

I don’t believe the number of orgasms should be relative to whether I’m satisfied. Sometimes in one orgasm that is wrapped is desire, love, and respect can be more mean more than 5 orgasms.

Great answers, Kristi! Thank you so much for being featured here on PassionPoet.com!

Kristi - Magic InkKristi - Booking



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