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Author Spotlight: Crystal L. Burks

My next Author Spotlight is of another one of my Facebook friends, Crystal L. Burks.  I have read her sexy stories in her books Ebony Articles: Volume I and Ebony Articles: Volume II and I must say I am extremely hooked. Her characters are alive with passion and I love how they jump off the page and into my pants….. *ahem* Did I say that out loud?

In order to check out her books, go to her Amazon link HERE. You can also friend her author profile HERE.

C Lynette

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Crystal L Burks?
Crystal Burks is a complex being. There’s so much to me that it’s impossible to explain. I am everything and its opposite. When you think you’ve gotten to know me, I switch it up and have you guessing again. I’m 5’3”, caramel-colored, thick, quiet but loud, shy but outgoing, open but reserved, picky but not picky, average looking chick… I went to a Big Ten school and graduated with a BA in Journalism. 2016 will be my year come hell or high water.

What got you into writing?
A couple of things… my son’s father suggested the title works I’ve done, but he thought of it in a different way. That way wasn’t fitting because (1) people aren’t as open as you’d think and (2) it was too structured. Sex isn’t supposed to be structured.

Second, I had the encouragement of a friend who published his first book on January 1, 2015 titled “Situations.” I also had two cousins, one of which has three books (Prudence, Wildflower and Dangerously In Love) encourage me. Lastly, my very good friend from school coached me into it and kept being the positive influence I needed to keep trucking while writing.

What inspires you?
Sex and/or sexy male models. I have visuals on my phone and on my computer. It’s their eyes and how fierce they look posing. (They are all clothed LOL… with the exception of one model who is just a tease and the one who is an entertainer.)

What makes you think, “I have to write about that!”?
If it stays on my mind too long or it sends chills through my body, it needs to be written. It’s that simple.

Do you write other genres?
I am trying to complete my first thriller/suspense novel. It’s called Deadly Games; it’s nothing like anything I’ve done before.

What is your writing primarily about?

How has response been to your current works?
Very, very good. A lot of support, a lot of encouragement, a lot of reason to write #3 and #4 lol… people love Chante and Zeus. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many more stories with them… but #3 is about to be very personal. I’m going to let the characters talk.

Could you give us a snippet of one of your favourite pieces of work?

“I don’t share,” Side Chick 1 said and she proceeded to the door.
“How can I benefit from being third in line?” Side Chick 2 asked.
I smiled. “Let me show you how you benefit from playing your role and the rewards you reap for your patience.”
I pulled down his basketball shorts and pulled out his dick; I re-prepared to take him inch by inch in my mouth. I ran my tongue down his shaft, softly gripping his manhood with my hands and hummed when I got to his balls. Everything around us became non-existent as I focused solely on pleasing him. He stood and took it like a champ, holding his shirt up so he could watch me work my tongue and mouth. I sucked and slurped him like a milkshake, running my tongue along the veins protruding from his dick. He tried to push me off, but the suction between his piece and my mouth wouldn’t allow it. He groaned with pleasure, grabbing my head and thrusting harder.
I opened my eyes to see who still remained around and they were all there. Even Side Chick 1 closed the door to watch the magic unfold. None of them had been able to make him come undone or wallow in pleasure. They watched as he writhed in ecstasy, squirming to be released; to regain control of himself. When I finally stopped, he was reeling; just on the verge of releasing his load. I stood up and smiled.
“That is why I won’t be replaced. But while I have him in his erogenous zone, I suggest you all start prepping to ride him until the wheels come off. Just not in my house.”
“Wait,” he finally spoke after five minutes. He wrote down an address and told the three women to meet him there in about an hour. They hopped up and got in their respective cars. I don’t know if they went straight to the address he wrote down, or if they stopped at their houses and prepped for whatever he had in store for them, but they were out of the house quickly.
He closed and locked the door. Then he wasted no time undressing me, lying me on the floor and returning the oral favor. “Zariyah,” he lightly flicked his tongue up my right thigh. “Let me make you mine.”
Before I could say no or mention about my occupation, his lips encased my clit. I arched my back, forcing my hips closer to his lips. “Please baby,” he breathed deep into my pussy, kissing and licking it.
“Darrell, I can’t,” I finally managed to let out.
He began running his tongue up my left leg. “Why not?” he asked, then buried his face and lips in the skin between my lips and my legs. It was the most sensitive spot on my body.
I squealed, feeling the warmth escape its haven and slowly drip down my crack to his hands; which were cusping my ass. “You know why,” I said between moans.
“But you enjoy this,” he ran his tongue over the hood of my clit.
“But I can’t afford to be a trophy piece. Being wifed up doesn’t get a woman provided for anymore. You still manage to keep several side pieces. I don’t have time to invest,” I stopped, eyes rolling into the back of my eyes as he slowly dipped a finger in my slit as deep as he could; latching onto my pearl and sucking. My heart raced and my breathing increased as I fought myself from crying out.
His voice got seductive and low. “I would change for you. I’ve watched you over all these years,” he continued his tongue assault pulling me to the same edge I left him hanging onto. “Think about it.” And just like that, he was heading to the door; leaving me.

(this is from the first Escort Chronicles)

What are your future plans for your writing?
I have about 5 more book ideas in me. Deadly Games, Escort Chronicles, The Curse, and my Ebony Articles series.

Thongs or boyshorts?

Who should cum first – the woman or the man?
A woman, only because once a man releases, getting him ready again takes an exceedingly long time.
What would you do if you had a selfish lover?
I’m a pleaser so there’s no such thing.
What do you find sexiest about a man?
His eyes, his strength and then his dominance –  commanding without being overbearing.

C Lynette book

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