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Author Spotlight: Gerald R. Johnson Jr.

I may love women – but I don’t only talk to them!  Gerald has the honour of being my first male Author Spotlight on the blog.

*Cheers*   *Applause*   *Laugh track*  

I love his humor and fun posts in our mutual group – the Erotic Empire (The FB side of PassionPoet.com) and I have one of his books, TAINTED, which – I must admit – I haven’t read yet. *Ducking flying bricks* But I intend to remedy that travesty very soon.  Please join me in getting to know Gerald R. Johnson, Jr.  To check out his books – go to his AMAZON PAGE HERE!


Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Gerald R. Johnson?
I was born on July 20, 1969… the day that the astronaunts landed on the moon. I have always been a kid who lived in my imagination and it was something picked up on by my parents and by several of my teachers. I have always loved to read and write, and so comic books and fantasy games were a big part of my growing up. At the age of 16 I completed my first full novel, thanks to playing the game Dungeons & Dragons… it was a fantasy novel based on the adventures of a young barbarian named Kalin… I never did anything with this story because I watched the movie Conan the Barbarian and well it was just too damn close, but the movie introduced me to one of my favorite authors, Mr. Robert Howard- the creator of the Cimmerian, Conan and a few other characters I fell in love with reading.

From that point on I was hooked, but it wasn’t until about three years ago that I met up with a woman who is now one of my very closest friends and the owner of Vantage Point Publishing, Dawn Rivers. She found me through one of my fan-pages and pretty much asked me what was I going to do with all of my writing. When I didn’t have an answer for her, she pretty much told me that I would be getting it published. We met about a week later in Jacksonville and the rest as they say is… History. I currently have four books published through VPP and there are more on the way.


What got you into writing? What inspires you? What makes you think, “I have to write about that!”
What got me into writing began a long time ago. I was that loner kid that you’d see in school. That one kid that pretty much kept to himself, and at times even seemed to be talking to himself. I was a geek in some circles… a nerd in other circles because I knew a little bit about a lot of things. I could weave a story from very little information and my English teachers LOVED me. I loved the fantasy worlds I lived in and this drew me into the worlds of comic books (yes, I’ve created super heroes) and it dropped me off right into the lap of games like Dungeons & Dragons. (I was damn good at it too… I was the chronicler.)

What inspires me and keeps me writing is my love of words. I love how I can make them dance around. I love how I can help them to create the things I see constantly in my head. I love them being able to guide me away from the craziness around me and pull me away into realms of my own realities… only for me to reach out and pull an audience in with me. I love writing… I love the world around that gives me so much energy to keep writing. I believe in that promise writers hold to:

“If you haven’t read something that you’re looking to read… then Write it.”


Is poetry your main focus? Do you write other genres?
Actually, poetry is something I rather “dabble” at. I’m more of a storyteller. I write poems to mostly release that angst I sometimes run up on… But, if you truly want to know about my writing, you have to get into my books. For me, writing stories is what I was I put here to do and I think I do it quite well. I love being able to draw people into my worlds and give them something to talk about when they leave.


What is your writing primarily about?
Thankfully, my writing doesn’t fall under any one genre. I do not wish to be a one shot writer and so I’m always testing the waters and trying different things. If it can be researched and I can find a means to use what I’ve found then I’ll write about almost anything.

My current series falls under the genre of Urban Drama, but I’m branching out into thrillers, romance and horror in the coming writings. I have virtual notebooks full of things Ive jotted down as possible story arcs and I cannot wait to get into them. I so look forward into drawing you all into the mind of a maniac writer… hahaha


As a young author, what is your most and least favourite part of this business?
As a Writer, there isn’t much that I hate… but I do not like the marketing phase of this business. It is the one thing that I’ve found takes time away from doing the one thing that I love doing and that is writing. If I could find a better way to market so that I could stay busy writing I think I’d almost attack it like a tiger from the underbrush.


Could you give us a snippet of one of your favourite pieces of work?
“Jangles has pushed a war on me, on all of us, that he figured no one was ready for. Now its time to make him pay for it. So this is what I see happening. I am going to that party tomorrow because I need him to feel pushed over the edge, but I want him completely thrown into the middle of everything.
“Manciena will be coming to the States to look for me the moment he gets his family back, and I don’t plan on running because the moment he’s here he’s a dead man… Yuri your men will see to that. Find out where his plane will be garaged I don’t want him or that plane to ever leave there… understood?”
“Yes,” Yuri nodded as he turned and got on his phone.
“Next, we need to meet with Mr. Yuen and let him know what almost happened to him at the behest of his nephew. This man needs to know that it was because of us that he’s still alive. Lastly, Mr. Robles, I need for you to get Mr. McGregor on the phone he needs to know what we have going on and I need to know if he has any suggestions. I’m about to take a baseball bat to a hornets nest and this shit is about to get real.”
“Yes, Mrs. Roulette.” Robles pulled his phone from his pocket and he stepped away to the small kitchenette.
“Courtney?” Nick was at her side. “Are you ok?”
“For the first time in my life, Nick,” she smiled at him, “I feel… alive.”
“Can I talk to you for a sec… in private?”
Nick walked off to the kitchen not looking back to see if she was following. Courtney stared after him for a moment and then excused herself. The day had been a long one and the last thing that she cared to have is Nick giving her a lecture about what had just been mapped out. Taking a deep breath she stepped into the kitchen to face him.
“You understand what you’re doing.” His back to her as he stirred a fresh cup of coffee.
“Yes,” she stared at the back of his head, “I know exactly what I’m doing.”
“No, Court,” Nick was more worried than he wished to let on, “I get that you know what you’re doing, but do you really understand what you’re wanting done?”
“Right now, Nick, the only thing that I don’t understand is where this shit from you is going,” there eyes met as he turned around. “What’s the problem?”
“Will vengeance make you feel… better?”
Courtney wasn’t sure where this was coming from, this is the first time Nick had ever questioned her, and it made her uncomfortable. A part of her wanted to just be angry at him as she was at Nina, she wanted to just throw something at him or just walk up and slap the hell out of him, but she remained motionless. For a moment it hurt to breathe, and just looking at the one man she trusted more than any other was making her sick.
“So you think that this is just… vengeance?” she held her anger in check, but just barely. “No, this is retribution, Nick. They tried to take everything from me, including an attempt on my life. I don’t revenge or vengeance… retribution is not vengeance, it’s justified justice. I want my justice.”
“Damn, Courtney, you have a tainted soul,” Nick walked up on her and tried to place his hands in her shoulders. “When will enough be enough?”
“When the bill is paid in full,” she’d pulled away and turned to leave. “You’re more than welcomed to leave, Nick, I’ll never force you to stay, but this is going to happen.”
“I know,” he said. “You know I’m with you ’til the end. I just had to be certain.”
Courtney nodded her head and left the kitchen. Nick pulled out his phone and pressed a speed dial number. His wait was short as a thick voice on the other end answered. “Are you sure that this is the road you want her to take?”
“She’ll come out this a lot stronger for it, Mr. Styles,” the voice was very calm.
“Yea, and if she comes outta this shit broken,” Nick hissed into the phone, “who’s going to fix her… You?”
Closing the call, Nick stared at the phone before slamming down against the floor. He stomped it with the heel of his shoe grinding into the marble until a mess of glass, plastic and the phone’s insides were all that remained. He poured out the coffee, and walked out to the bar fixing him something a lot stronger. His eyes fell on Courtney’s and he forced a smile hoping that she’d believe it…
At least for now.
(scene from Tainted II: the Book of Retribution… pub 07/2015GRJ)


What are your future plans for your writing?
Currently, I have two new books with my publisher Dawn Rivers of Vantage Point Publishing. We are hoping to get these two put out sometime in 2016. I am working on three new manuscripts and I have about 8 completed and ready to go through the editing process. Next year is being planned out to be a busy year with a lot of writing to be done and I also intend to teach myself script writing.


What other projects do you have coming up?
Next year will see a brand new genre of writing released from me in the form of a psychological thriller. I’ve done urban and I’ve done erotica and I’ve done paranormal… with this new book I wanted to test my mind at something a little more on the darker side and I think that it turned out pretty damn good.

To top that, I am also working on my first romance style book and also my first full on horror book. I refuse to be put into a box and therefore I’ll continue to write across the spectrum.

Your naughty questions to answer …

Do your sex scenes turn you on when you are writing them?
I would definitely have to say yes… The scenes that I write… let’s say I’ve done 9/10ths of the shit I’ve written and so it excited me at the time of really doing it because I love sex, and it excites me to write about it. I try not to write those fluffy, frufru sex scenes… I prefer the realism of saying the words we say in the act of having sexual fun. I think for me if I write it the way that I see it in my head the truth of what I’ve done and what I’m doing to my readers’ minds make the scene that much more exciting.


If you could make love to anyone living or dead (oh that sounds creepy), fictional or real, who would it be?
I have always had a big ass crush on Toni Braxton, and I’ve pictured her singing out her love for me as we’re going at it all hot and sweaty. This is then followed by a long hot bath where I get to wash her body in rose petal soaked water… strawberries and champagne .. and then more love making and her singing. Yes, dammit, I’m crazy.


What’s the craziest thing on your sexual bucket list?
Craziest thing on the sexual bucket list… Me, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton going at it like animals on stage during a concert… Dont see that shit happening but damn a man can dream…
Right??? LOL


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