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Author Spotlight: Mariposa

Let’s go a little closer to home.  Mariposa Reina is a Barbadian writer who is making strides to get her brand of erotica seen both locally and internationally.  And she’s a very good friend.  I used to be her mentor – and now I watch her fly like her namesake, ‘Butterfly Queen.’


Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Mariposa?
Mariposa is LETHAL – intelligent, beautiful and creative.She holds a BSc in Psychology with Social Work (Hons) so is by no means just a writer of erotica . The Barbadian writer, poet and performer emerged on the Barbadian poetry scene in July 2012. She is a true Gemini, using her pen to either tease with her blend of erotic, sensual and provocative flavors, or be powerfully empowering, encouraging females to see themselves as Queens worthy of love and respect. Some of her erotic works Mariposa’s works were featured in Afroerotik Ezine, Masterful Mindgasm, Nushen Erotica and The Erotic Rendezvous.
In 2014 Mariposa hosted the Arts Etc. Green Readings open mic session in Queens Park, was a featured performer at BIMLIT fest in Bridgetown, was also a featured performer at the Bajan Erotica and Talent Uncapped Shows , made a guest appearance at the Hilton’s Open Mic show and became a writer for the Bajan Sun Magazine
In 2015 Mariposa was the first Caribbean writer to be featured on the American Black Satin Radio Show “Smooth Operators” on January 31st, 2015. She was also a featured performer as part of the Talent Uncapped cast at the CAFA Fair Spoken Word Event.In December 2015, she joined the illustrious Sunhead Project as one of their erotica writers.
The butterfly is the symbol of Mariposa’s own personal growth and development.

What got you into writing?
I fell in love and chose to express it through poetry.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by my boyfriend, experiences (personal and of others) and my environment.

What makes you think, “I have to write about that!”?
If I feel passionately about whatever it is , or if it affects me in any way , negatively or positively.

Is poetry your main focus?
Lately I have been writing short stories.

Do you write other genres?
I write about anything but erotica is my main genre.

What is your writing primarily about?
Relationships,experiences, fantasies.

As a young author, what is your most and least favourite part of this business?
I most enjoy being able to express myself in my writing and I enjoy the responses of my audience, I love the wows when they read a piece and it has a twist.
I least enjoy the marketing aspect of writing.

Could you give us a snippet of one of your favourite pieces of work?

Sweetest Hangover

Pour me a glass of that
Yes the one over there.
A tall glass
Of that sweet one
Damn what is the year?

Pour me a glass of that
The robust one
Right there
The aroma
Savor the bouquet.

This wine is potent
I spilt a bit
It goes down the valley
Come here
Sweet daddy
Lick slowly
The kisses
The touches
Oohh la la
Te amo
Je t’aime
You have me
Speaking in tongues
Wine forgotten
Sip me slow
Drink me deep
My sweetest hangover

What are your future plans for your writing?
More books, a novel here and there.

What other projects do you have coming up?
To produce my current books in hard-copy, some persons still like to hold a book and curl up with it.

Boy shorts or thongs?
Boy shorts are sexier.

Are you into BDSM?
I am curious about many erotic and sexual things, I do research and interview others for my writing, who knows one day I just may be an active participant.

Favourite sexual fantasy?
Oh … where do I begin?

What turns you on in a man?
I am a sapiosexual, so he must be intelligent and confident. He should not be intimidated by my strength, he must know how to pray and be respectful. He must be open minded and supportive to my craft.Last but by no means least , he must smell awesome, even if he just showered and did not cream. … my list is longgggggg but this is just number one on my list

Links to her books

My Heart Whispers: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XU8VJJK  / http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0143O14DK

Moscato Moments: An Erotic Collection https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14254501.Mariposa

Contact her on FB: Https://www.facebook.com/LaMariposareinaHerTrueReflection

instagram and Twitter .. mariposa_bq

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