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Author Spotlight: Anna B. Loved

A Facebook friend with an erotic – or as she likes to say – a fuckalicious personality, this author goes by the pseudonym Anna B. Loved.  I’ve been trying to get a pic from her for ages but, as with others who write erotic material, she wants to keep her public and her private lives separate.

Anna B Loved pic

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Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Anna B. Loved?
I am lyrical art filled with passion, sensuousness and love. I am a spitfire but kind-hearted; I dislike seeing others wronged. I began to write poetry and short stories in order to share my passion with others.

What got you into writing?
I’m an avid reader who was always into reading poetry. After a while I decided to try my hand at writing some of my own…I then decided to go further and write short stories.

What inspires you?
People inspire me. I can be listening to music and become inspired. A rainy day, the color of the sky or the way the wind blows and caresses the leaves can inspire me.

What makes you think?
Life in general makes me think. I think about how short life really is and I want to live it to the fullest. Writing makes me think…the words and phrases that come together as sentences makes me think. My mind is always busy thinking even when I’m asleep.

Is story-telling your main focus?
No. I want to pen poetry as well as write stories.

Do you write other genres?
No but I hope to in the future.

What is your writing primarily about?
I write mostly erotic romance.

How has response been to your current works?
My poetry book isn’t doing well but that won’t stop me from writing.

As a young author, what is your most and least favourite part of this business?
My most favorite thing about being an author is writing. The least favorite is marketing and advertising, which I don’t do much of.

Could you give us a snippet of one of your favourite pieces of work?

Woke Up
I woke up with my fingers all in it
Stirring the honey pot
To a smooth sticky finish
I was dreaming that he was all in it
Tongue diving…swirling
Tasting all of my love juices
On his lips
I cooed and sighed
Cause it felt so good
I wanted to ride
His face first
By washing his face
In my sticky sweet juices
My pussy grinding
Spitting on his tongue
As I cum
And cum some more
He said
I could eat that pretty phat pussy
All day and all night
I could see myself becoming his diet
As I fed him all the nutrients he would ever need..
Before sliding down his face and chest
Leaving him wet
With my juices
I settled my wet pussy on his throne
Swirling my thick hips
I elicited a groan
From his lips
Urging me on
To fuck him hard
Until I fell apart
Raining my sticky juices
All over his dick…
Then I woke up
With my fingers
All in it
Stirring my honey pot
To a smooth finish…
~Anna B. Loved~©2015

What are your future plans for your writing?
I’m just doing lots of journaling for now. Writing down my thoughts is fulfilling enough for now.

What other projects do you have coming up?
I have no works set to be published anytime soon.

Boyshorts or Thongs?

I love boy shorts.

(Let’s get naughty….)

What turns you on most? Body or mind? And why?
The mind most definitely. Because anything else is just shallow to me.

What’s your favourite fantasy?
I have several. One is to make love on the beach under a moonlit sky.

Do you have a sexual bucket list?
No, but this question has given me the incentive to make one. Has it been completed? No

What is your biggest turn off?
A man that doesn’t know his own mind and acts like a boy instead of a man is a turn off for me.

Anna B Loved pic

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