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After feeling extremely stuck for months – poetry wise, as I was working on my MAKE IT RAINE novel – I finally got some inspiration and wrote one of my new favourite poems!  Please enjoy this …


Globes of chocolate goodness raised invitingly, wigging,
Making eyes and tongues glisten
As desires harden to concrete consistency
Eyes flung back in cheeky challenge:
“Can you handle it?”
Challenge accepted.
Kneeling in reverence before proffered offering
Introducing wet pink muscle sliding
From top of chocolate globes joining
To the point where pleasure pulses,
Convulsing wetly at the touch of pink tip,
Sinking beneath pink waves
As chocolate globes are parted
To better reach the sweetness of cherry filling
Hidden inside.
And moaning ensues
As stiff pinkness invades pink wetness
Merging while speaking hidden languages
Known only while engaging in such trysts.
Fingers twist, tracing erotic runes on mahogany skin;
Just there – you know, on the small of her back
Where the melting into ecstasy turns magical…
And dripping lust the evidence of magic spell’s success.
She shudders,
Trying desperately to hold on with trembling fingers
To the last vestiges of her control,
But it is slicked with her juices
And falls away from her grasp
With the shattering of her composure.
Chocolate globes raised in desperation
Sweet cherry centre slick with creamy need
In full view.
Steel shaft wrapped in slick rubber
Introduced immediately
And low moan shifts in velocity and intensity
Transforming from guttural growling
To impassioned screaming
As rhythmic thrusts make sure chocolate globes
And cherry filling
Receive the most intense pounding!
Skin slaps skin in rhythmic hi-fives
Celebrating the joining
Until impending flood bursts composure’s mental dam
And rampaging river floods
Decimating everything in its path
Apparent destruction the catalyst
For new creation.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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