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May My Voice Always Make You Doze…

Does anybody else have this ailment? Several partners have told me that my voice soothes them into a slumber, even when I’m not trying to be sexy. They say it’s relaxing and makes them feel secure.  I used to be a little hurt, because a lot of the time I was actually opening up about something that was important to me and it felt like an insult that they’d be falling asleep when I was baring my soul, but, as it happened again this weekend with my Queen, I came to realize that it wasn’t an insult, but a testament to the fact that I made her comfortable, peaceful, at rest.  I have the same thing happen to me when I’m sitting listening to jazz… I feel my tension ease and I just drift off.  So, I don’t see it as a bad thing, but something to celebrate.  In that vein, I woke up this morning and decided to dedicate this piece to my Queen specifically, but also to all those in love who can relate.  Here’s my new poem…

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May my voice always make you doze.
May its timbre always soothe away the stress of the day, smoothing its crinkles like
An iron passing over wrinkled cloth. May my voice always make you smile as eyes
Close, gently bearing you on angel’s wings towards the rest you so desperately need…
May my voice be the auditory kiss that brushes your ear, sending gentle tingles up and
Down your spine. May the bliss in hearing me talk about random nothingness never fade,
As my one joy in life is being the personification and embodiment of your every need –
May my voice always make you doze.

May my voice always make you doze.
May my thoughts of you make you smile as my voice caresses, replacing for a moment
The touch of my fingers possessing willing flesh. May my voice make love to your soul
As every rise and fall of my intonation is meant to make you come to the climax of our
Combined reasonings until you fall, sated, into satisfied slumber.
May my voice always make you doze.

May my voice always make you doze.
May my voice always represent peace, always represent safety in the midst of a cruel world
Where just listening to my voice erases time, tiredness, distance, fear – and replaces the same
With gentleness, joy and contentment.
Where at first slipping into slumber used to invoke ire, where blood would boil and I would feel
Slighted, now the thought that you feel such peace when I speak makes me delighted beyond
Belief … I can replace your tension with the mention of my spontaneous conversation,
Even though sometimes I wonder how much of the last sentence I spoke you actually heard …
Did you hear me? Honey, wake up… you know what – never mind… get your rest….
May my voice always make you doze.

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