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Valentine’s Day Book Launch: Thank You!

I’ve been trying desperately to sit down and write a blog post, but I’ve been extremely busy recently! Last week Saturday was my Valentine’s Day book launch… I decided to capitalize on Valentine’s Day and re-launch my first two books, EROTIC and SEDUCTION, as well as let the Barbadian public know about the two e-books QUOTES OF PASSION and OFFERING.  Followers to my blog would have seen the Valentine’s Day promotional ads that I have posted periodically, letting you know that the event was coming.


Books ready to sell!

Thanks to the Chattel House Books, to Erica Hinkson (marketing officer), DABA Davisual for the solo, Selena ‘Rebel Glam’ Dodson for the use of the sound system and the management of staff of Sky Mall for the use of their VIP Lounge. I’m waiting for more pics!


Tiff reading for the crowd

Here’s a ringing endorsement from the creatrix of Orgasmik Intelligence, Katrina ‘Itrina’ Ifill!

Here are some of the pictures that I was able to snap before I had to start being celebrated! I couldn’t take any more, but I did ask a professional photographer to come in and snap a few shots, as well as pictures were taken with cameraphones and stuff like that.  I had such a great time!


VIP Lounge – Erotic




VIP Lounge - Sky Mall

VIP Lounge – Sky Mall

Look out for more from me in the coming weeks!  Thank you again!

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