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Passion Out and About: Book Launch & GF Expo

The last time I was posting here I was letting you know about my recently concluded book launch and book table at Girlfriends Expo – a showcase of business and services catered to women.  I had a blast at each event … and I’ll continue to spread the gospel of the EroticEmpire far and wide!

Below is a slideshow of some of the images from both the book launch and the expo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Again, thanks so much for everyone who made a special effort to attend and support me and my endeavours. There is much more where this came from, so don’t you dare sleep on me!

Again, if you are interested in getting any of my books, you can check these links

Chattel House Books E-Portal (All downloads compatible with Google PlayStore and Apple Store)

Chattel House Books (paperbacks)


Again, thanks so much for checking me out and becoming a part of the EroticEmpire! There’s more where that came from so subscribe and stay tuned!  You can (and should) subscribe to the blog to make sure you are notified every time I post a new entry. I’m also working on an email newsletter as well – as soon as I figure out how to post the code to this site so you can subscribe to that, too!


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