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First, let me say … I’ve been away for a while. A lot has happened over the past few weeks. My Queen came to visit, and I had a new birthday pass… I’ve been working on my editing jobs for my business PASSIONATE WORDS EDITING SERVICE and just enjoying a well deserved vacation.

Now that that’s out of the way – I wanted to post a poem that I’ve written but haven’t publicized. I think it’s a damn good one, too, if I say so myself *grin*  Anyuay…. I give you…

My eyes drink in your beauty: tasting lusciousness on every curve,
Each swelling hip fills me with the addicting flavour of desire.
And I want more!
Forgive me…
Forgive me for staring – but I can’t get enough….
My eyes fall into the pools of forever as two make four.
How naked is your gaze – how open is your soul to mine as we speak without words!
I stare into your eyes, and you? You show me the depths of your universe.
Gently tracing angelic cheeks with my love
Manifesting as single finger wiping away solitary tear that trickles.
My emotion swells, lips meeting yours in a moment of overwhelming compassion.
For I … I am hooked to the rush within my blood every time your lips part in a smile.
Lips move, and I want to claim them as my own –
Plunging heated tongue within, wrestling with yours,
Pressing your body onto mine until our mutual fires merge our souls.
My hands grasp firm flesh – round globes spill out of palms as heartbeats quicken.
I grip possessively as your loveliness possesses me,
And our breaths intertwine in our mutual exchange of passion.
Your fullness presses against me; I feel your need harden in twin pebbles
And my mouth trails heated paths down the curve of your neck
Seeking to make twin peaks my entrée.
Your breath hitches – hinting at unspoken wishes;
Suction causing pleasurable friction as areolas darken,
I taste your rising libido within the rippling of your skin,
And our bodies communicate in the language of the devoted.
Your hands lock within my locs, pressing me firmer upon your flesh,
While my fingers never linger, sliding lower towards the entrance of your weeping flower.
Thick thighs spread wide in eager invitation; the anticipation of pleasure palpable;
A pause – and then – I ascend! Entering Heaven with questing finger,
Stroking wetness slowly, communicating devotee status by dipping into dripping Holy Place.
Your secret space reveals everything, spilling wet mysteries
As I seek to discover the intricacies of your inner workings!
I am devoted, there will be no shirking of my responsibility of exploring all of you;
Zeal evidenced by the hardening of my own pleasure.
May I enter? May our bodies join and bring forth the union of our craving souls?
May our yearning void be made whole as we come together?
And – at your yes – the breath I didn’t know I held released;
I position my piston at the entrance of your lubricated cylinder –
And again, I enter…
Explosive kaleidoscopic colours paint closed eyelids as we move
Carmel cup clasping chocolate staff, devoured
And moans pierce air with the power of our movements.

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