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Mahalia’s Corner: Twice As Nice

I procrastinated writing last week’s post, and so I’m gonna try to do a mashup of both weeks so far in one post. LOL Now that that disclaimer is out of the way…Just enjoy!

This is September, and I decided to do something for myself this month. One of the things I decided to do was to buy myself a new set of jeans, a couple shirts, a belt and a set of shoes. Why is that important? Well it isn’t… except I don’t buy clothes. I hardly do anything for myself like buy new clothes or anything like that. That being said, I decided that this month I’d focus on myself for a change. But buying clothes isn’t the real reason for this post. I also decided to support my friends in 2 Mile Hill (formerly called NexCyx) – a Barbadian band that has international appeal, amassing accolades from all over the world, sharing stages with stars like Wyclef Jean, Damien Marley and Sizzla, among others.  They have gotten several awards including MTV, RyanSeacrest.com and Moet Hennessy.  To find out more about them, check their website out at www.2milehill.com.

On Sunday, September 4th, Mahalia’s Corner premiered its sixth season.  Mahalia’s Corner is part show, part open mic, which has the goal of being a safe space for new artists to get their feet wet performing to an audience.  The band, led by their awesome lead vocalist Mahalia Cummins, starts with a few songs in the first set, which is followed by an open mic segment and then by a featured artist.  Last season Mahalia’s Corner introduced a new segment, the Spotlight Artist.


So I decided that, in my goal to enjoy myself and not be stuck in the house all the time, I would go and enjoy Mahalia’s Corner.  In fact, I decided to not just go to one show, but to buy a season ticket and enjoy the entire season!  In the words of another Bajan singer, the calypsonian Biggie Irie, it was “money well spent!”

The entire set was BEAUTIFUL! Renaissance Designs did an excellent job creating a classy space for the artists to perform in. I had to snap a picture as soon as I settled in my chair with my complimentary glass of wine. From the first strains of music, the space transformed to a hype ball of energy as 2 Mile Hill UNCOVERED their new EP (Yes, they officially launched their EP named UNCOVERED. Don’t like my wordplay? Go so ——->) LOL

The open mic session was AMAZING. I was totally blown away once again by the talent that Barbados contains.

The points of note for me for the first show were the spotlight artist and the featured artist, though.  The Spotlight artist was a 16 year old bombshell named Jaeesha. She said she was nervous – but no nerves came out when she started to sing. All I could say was WOW!!!!!!!! That girl’s voice is POWERFUL!  Joaquin blew away the crowd with his set. I only knew about him at the Sweet Soca Finals here in Barbados, but he is a full entertainer! I’m so glad I was able to witness it.

Last week Sunday, as usual, 2 Mile Hill started the show with an amazing ensemble of music. They really know how to get a crowd moving. I totally enjoyed every second, as usual.  The Open Mic keeps blowing me away …

But the highlight of the night was the featured artist, Buggy Nhakente. Buggy is a  reggae artist that has taken his uplifting music from Barbados all the way to Qatar!

His set was ASTOUNDING! I followed Buggy’s career from school days – we were in the same class in secondary school (St Michael School to the WORLD!) – and I am completely enthralled with his music, stage presence, everything!


I can’t wait to see Iron Pipe and Marvay in episode three!

All images off of Mahalia’s Corner Facebook page and all credit goes to the respective photographers – Amery Butcher and Nicholas McGeary.


Live Passionately – Passion enjoying Buggy’s performance!


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