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Poetry, sensual poem


Here’s my latest poem, again celebrating mental stimulation… ahhh, just read it! 

Let me spread your cerebral cortex slowly and dick you down with
Thrusting thoughts that grow stiff –
Hard like granite –
At the anticipation of entering you,
Filling your mind with my words,
Where your mental walls stretch with the fullness of my thickened contemplations.
Our telepathic connection is strong – mindfucking with no hands, nothing tangible,
But mental gymnastics bending you over with ease
Testing cranial labia for moisture with penetrating phrases.
Mmmmmm … your mind is wet…
So let me tease you a little more.
I want you gushing
As our intellectual intercourse goes deeper with each roll of orator’s tongue:
Going down inside your perceptions,
Making you cream with my ministrations,
Sharing mutual intentions with the fluidity of lovers changing positions.
Let us share mental images that would make a psychiatrist blush
Until we can’t take any more teasing
And I must get inside you
As my mind strokes yours from the back
And our connection grows stronger as synapses fuse
As our conversation continues, building in intensity…
Slowly at first, but then quickly building up some speed,
‘Til the need to climax becomes overpowering
Sweat dripping off flexing mental muscle
Resisting the release… Straining … not wanting the connection to be severed
Until – there is no more waiting –
And spermazoaic sentiments spurt from stiffened reason
Into mind opened by prolonged deliberating.
Now … for the gestation….

(c) PassionPoet 2016

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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