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I was in the mood to play with words – well, actually, I was asked to write on the topic of giving and receiving pleasure… and this is what came out!  Enjoy!

For what we are about to receive
May the Lord make us truly thankful.
And we … ARE thankful!
As lip slowly slips across slit
Dipping into the wetness that is Goddess Chalice,
I bow to taste Her goodness; Her amrita –
Ambrosia sweetly sliding down gullet
As I take the Holy Sacrament of You
Raising Chalice reverentially
Taking You into Me
With my tongue I trace runes across Your clit,
Making magic with figure eight hieroglyphics
As I invoke the power of the building orgasm.
I mutter incantations as I pull Your bud gently with my teeth,
Sucking eagerly until hips roll hypnotically upon our sheets,
Which themselves are blessed with Your wetness;
Holy Water sprinkled liberally from Yoni
Until We both are baptized,
Rising again in the Glory of the Goddess.

And then, we switch.

Standing strong, My rod of Power within your grasp
You gasp at how thick He stands, awaiting your attention.
And then it is Your turn to give reverence
As knees hit floor in worship of the God
Rigid member flexes
As pink tongue graces His tip
And He slips just so down waiting wet walls
Even as You cup my sacred sacs within your palms.
I moan as You lick my Rod with eagerness
Stiffness your pleasure, making You want to experience more
We soar above the clouds as You suck My staff
Making My hips buck in ecstasy
Rainbows exploding energetically behind closed lids.
And I …
I …. I start to lose my grip on this physical plane
And fly
As you hum and croon lullabies upon my length
Sucking the strength from my body
As my soul detaches
Floating between this realm and the next
With Your lips my portal,
We see the face of Divinity
As I release my sweetness down waiting throat.

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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