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Checking In…. What’s New with PassionPoet?

The page has been dormant for a little too long, so let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing! I’ve just come back from showing my books at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) Finals this weekend. NIFCA, for those who are not from Barbados, is an annual festival where Barbadians showcase their talents in multiple disciplines: culinary arts, literary arts, performing arts and visual arts are some of the more popular ones.



So this last weekend I’ve been showcasing my books – I got a new set of logos, business cards and was there on the Finals nights for Dance, Music, Performing Arts and Children’s Night respectively.

Speaking of NIFCA, one of my poems – Naniki: Frank Collymore Hall 2016 – was entered in the Literary Arts competition, and was awarded a bronze medal!


Naniki: Frank Collymore Hall 2016
Bodies pouring to overflowing into concert space
Until not even another molecule of air could be squeezed in:
Standing room only.
Murmuring. Excitement building.
Settling bodies giving way to housekeeping rules
And then – music.
Skipping youthful rhythms chasing each other around the stage as if at play
Piano riffs skipping behind saxophonist lead
Tag – you’re it!
And notes racing again; this time sax in front
Bass in time
And drum rolls around the stage cavorting cartwheels in glee,
Climaxing skillfully in Bajan melody,
Honouring anniversary #50:
From Rihanna’s “Stay” to “Spontaneous” by RPB
Applause also standing spontaneously….


Youth giving way to maturity.
Steel pan conversing serenely with cello and drum;
Trio taking trips internationally.
Notes flying from Spain, through Asia…
More sedately, as though they may have tired more easily –
As warrants their age.
Moderate musical movements made audience members mellow
Until polite applause signals end of musical journey.

“Return all seats to the upright position and prepare for landing.
Thank you for flying with us…”


Did you like it?

What else has been going on… Oh! Like I said I got new logos …


Can you see the flaming rose motif throughout all of them? I am working to get a consistent income from editing and from performing as PassionPoet. I am still thanking Beverly Harewood of Xcite 246 Designs for the awesome logos!

Business Card

Business Cards


There are a couple other things happening in the background, but the Empire is setting up to be in the business of pleasure!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

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