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Emotional Voyeurism

I keep saying that I have to stop neglecting my blog and try to get back into regular postings. There is a lot that has happened recently, but I’ve been spending a lot of time on FB and not a lot of time here. I’m so sorry for that! I will try to get better at updating everything. I’m really thinking of expanding the brand, and I may need to consolidate my efforts.  

I got involved in a writers collective online called Writer’s Block – check out their website and FB page.  I have posted a couple of my older poems there, as well as some prose articles as well. There are some awesome writers as well on that page.  I also have a new online presence at Anancy Ebooks where readers can access my books in ebook form here.  

I have written a new poem, called Emotional Voyeurism.  Please enjoy!

Emotional Voyeurism
Open your heart like you open your legs.
Let me peek at your vulnerabilities,
Slyly seek secrets under insecurities and
Spy the core of you…
The real you, hidden like your skirt suit
Hides your nakedness. I confess that
Seeing under your sins turns me on
And that you feel secure enough around me to
Spread your modesty wide, showing the pink inside of your
Blushing indiscretions, makes me melt.

Open your heart wide, spread your mysteries’ thighs
And let me see the wetness of your hidden anxieties:
Your fears of being judged, that I won’t want to associate with you
After you raise your skirts and let me view your authenticity…
But – nothing would be farther from the truth.
See, that you trust me makes me feel humbled, grateful, filled unconsciously
With wonder and awe at your bravery for surviving as you did
And, though you hid your indiscretions, showing them now for public scrutiny
Is another act of bravery that endears you indelibly to me.
The act of honesty is an aphrodisiac, I am drawn to you even more than before.
I want to pull you close and protect you from the harshness of the world
I want to be your King, your Lover, your Daddy, your Protector
I want to shield you from pain, heal your heart and bring again that beautiful smile
That brightens the atmosphere when my own day is overcast with scattered showers.

So, don’t take me to be too forward when I encourage you to strip for me.
Drop every fear, every indecision, every insecurity
And let them fall like the layers of your clothing dropping on our floor.
Stand naked before me, not just without clothes, but without your walls –
Truly vulnerable –
And let me reward your bravery with my security
Stiffened resolve penetrating again and again to the depths of We
Until we shatter into a million pieces of kaleidoscopic bliss
Rising again together to kiss away your fears, wipe away all your tears
And wrap you in my arms so you again feel safe.

© PassionPoet 2016

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


2 thoughts on “Emotional Voyeurism

  1. I love this piece with everything in me. It made me smile. Thank you


    Posted by Kareema | December 15, 2016, 8:37 PM

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