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Christmas Cleaning

Christmas in Barbados is a hive of frenetic energy. Traditionally the time when everyone does massive household cleanups, home repairs, changing of household amenities such as curtains and bed sheets. Barbadians flock to hardware stores for paint, cloth stores and department stores for bed linens and curtains, and the supermarkets for food.  Christmas in Barbados is all about pulling down the house and cleaning it from top to bottom: varninshing mahogany furniture, washing all the cushion covers, rearranging everything in the house, pulling curtains from storage or buying new ones, going to the supermarket and stocking up on ham, turkey, chicken, ham, potatoes, ham…..

(Christmas time is ham season in Barbados. Christmas is not Christmas without Farmer’s Choice ham, Peronne ham, any type of ham… one particular supermarket chain came up with the term ‘Proper Pork’ and it has stuck. The Americans have turkey day (Thanksgiving) and Barbadians have Ham Season …. ok now I’m hungry

Now what does all of this have to do with my blog?

Well if you you look around, you will realize that everything looks a bit different. I’ve decided to do some Christmas spruce-up myself. I had my previous design since I started this site, and I thought that this season was the perfect opportunity to change things up a bit.

So, let me know what you think about the new site design and comment about the Youtube  video I’m posting below.  This is the other video that was shot when I was performing in Temple Yard; performing my poem NAKED.


(NB – the image in the blog is not indicative of being endorsed by Goddards Enterprises Limited in any way and is just for decorative purposes.) 

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