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The Year of Passion!

This is my year!

I am pushing forward with several goals this year. For the last six months, my inaugural novel was on hold because I had entered it into the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (FCLE) competition. “Make It Raine” didn’t win any awards, but I still feel honoured to be a part of the process. I was not aware that there were writing workshops that were a part of the FCLE experience, so I intend to check them out this year.

After the competition, Raine will be released to the public – so stay tuned! For those who wanted the novel in their hands – it’s soon coming!

There is also some opportunities coming up for me this year. I will be providing some poems and articles for a new magazine, where the editor wants me to link sensuality and spirituality. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I have poems like KundaliniMeditation and Enlightenment – in my personal worldview, they are linked (Creative Energy = Sexual Energy = Life Force Energy) and I definitely will try to articulate what I believe in an article. (Edit: The article came out great! I even shared it privately in a couple secret groups I am a part of on FB, and got great reviews on my writing style. So, let’s hope the editor likes it!)

I have been interviewed for another magazine – the Diamond Elite magazine and just received a copy of it digitally, as well as had my book Seduction featured in a local / regional magazine M People along with other local authors attached to my book distributors, Chattel House Books.

I have been asked to perform in St. Maarten later on in the year – tentatively looking at June – and am currently seeking donations to help towards my ticket. To that end, I have added a Donate button on the sidebar of this website; you are encouraged to donate any amount to that or any other goal; there will always be some project to aim towards!

I’ve started writing a couple articles on Writer’s Block, which is a Barbadian platform for freelance writers to showcase themselves. I’ve written a couple articles so far, including articles based on my poems Emotional Voyeurism and The Wind of a Thousand Whispers, along with others such as Introducing the Passion, which introduced me to a new audience of readership.

I still want to write the sequel to RAINE, along with another novel that will go in a completely different direction, and I would love to complete the spoken word CD I started  recording for last year.

All in all, I will take the Chinese tradition of naming the years to heart and say that 2017 is not just the Year of the Rooster for the Chinese, but the Year of (the) Passion(Poet) for me!  The Year of Passion!  YES!

The year of YES! The Year of PASSION!


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