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Happy Release Day!


Today’s the day!  MAKE IT RAINE has finally released to the public!  After nearly a year to write and then almost as long to edit and perfect (including almost six months waiting on the results of the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (FCLE) results!) the book is finally ready for you to purchase!

Make it Raine official cover

In celebration, I’ll give you an excerpt that only those in my secret group have seen. It’s been a long time since I have given you a sneak peek into the pages of this erotic drama based in the Caribbean, but I’m going to let you peek under her skirts a little and then hope that will make you want to come in … *wink* Here we go!

Suddenly, I needed to feel Ian in my mouth. The desire came upon me so unexpectedly that I sat up abruptly – so abruptly that Ian was startled. He started to protest the cessation of my ministrations, but I ignored him and pawed at his belt buckle. He understood then and helped me take his slacks and boxers off. I pulled him to his feet and then knelt gently before him, with my knees on one of the cushions for comfort. Ian’s large, erect penis stood out in stark relief from his muscular frame. I looked up at him then, my eyes big and innocent looking, as I murmured again, “I’m sorry, baby… I will make sure you are involved in the pregnancy from now on.” Before he could respond, I engulfed his member in my hot, eager mouth with such force that a loud groan ripped out of Ian’s mouth unabated.

I took my time then. I savoured his slightly salty precum as I pulled his dick out of my mouth and repeated the motion more deliberately. I tasted him like he was the most precious aphrodisiac in existence and I was under the spell of his flavour. I swallowed all nine inches of him over and over and over again. I imagined I was licking my favourite ice cream cone – filled with double chocolate chip ice cream – and inhaled him in bliss. I felt like I could even taste the sweetness as my brain made me picture his flesh as the waffle cone I love so much. I pulled him into me; my hands on his ass as I pressed him deeper into my hungry mouth. I moaned and hummed as I felt him hit the back of my throat. I pulled back as I gagged and then let the saliva slobber all over his dick. Ian had his hands tangled in my hair as I devoured him.

“Jazzie….” he managed to moan out. I continued to ignore him and pleasure myself on his chocolate staff. “Ohhhhhhhh fucking hell….” he continued. I answered him by moaning again, the low vibrations in the back of my throat hitting his dick and making him do the same: his body shook in the same frequency as my moans, almost imperceptibly. In fact, the only reason I noticed is because I was holding his body against mine; it felt like the same sensation you would feel as if you were touching an insulated electric wire, with the current moving just under the surface of the insulation.

I sucked and licked and moaned and worshipped his love staff until my own juices soaked through my panty. The musky aroma of my sex scented the room like lit incense candles of lust. I was wearing just a short cotton yellow dress that I threw on when Ian picked me up and a matching set of light blue lingerie underneath. My panty was sodden with desire, no longer a cotton cup for my sex, but a sponge oversaturated with my desire for this man I was pleasuring. I wanted him. I wanted him with every fibre of my being, but I forced myself to stay at this pace. We had wanted to make love for weeks now, and since we were finally here, I did not want to make the moment pass quickly.

I felt his shaft harden while he simultaneously started rocking his hips and gasping for breath. He started fucking my face with sure strokes. I tried to regain control but he gripped my head and kept it still while he pumped in and out of my mouth. I remembered to use my lips as a suction cup and inhaled sharply against his movements until he shuddered once, twice, three times, and suddenly I was almost drowned in a wave of silky semen that flooded my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was far too much, and some of it leaked from the sides of my mouth.

I looked up at him, disappointment in not being able to hold it all shining from my eyes. His eyes softened and he spoke.

Interested? I sure hope so! Get MAKE IT RAINE for Kindle or Paperback …. and don’t forget to leave reviews!


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