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MAKE IT RAINE: Reader Reactions!


Reader buys book.
Reader messages me to tell me she bought the book and started reading.
Three minutes later, reader texts back, “I’m wet.”
Here’s a small excerpt.
I made up my mind.
I pulled her quickly into the closest cubicle. I deftly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and let them and my boxers fall, releasing my dick from its denim prison. It soared upward like the Nike swipe, proclaiming, “Just Do It.” I quickly lifted Shannon’s slight frame, pressing her against the now closed and locked door as I spread her legs wide, gripping her ass firmly, and slid into her as far as I could go. Her legs automatically wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck; I started pummeling her pussy in earnest.
“Oh r*hole!” Shannon’s surprise at being penetrated so swiftly came out as she dragged out the cuss word with a blissed out expression on her face. I held her there and stroked her walls with the passion of the devoted; I shoved my dick deep inside her over and over and over again.
Shannon moaned and wailed, but her voice was masked by the bass still pounding outside. Her body shook as I carried her to the land of bliss and showed her around, visiting all the sights. I stroked hard for a few minutes, driving her towards the biggest orgasm yet. When my arms tired, I let her stand again and pulled out, swiftly spun her to face the door, bent her over and planted my pole inside her dripping cunt. This girl started to grind on my dick like we were on the dance floor and she fucked me back with such intensity that my knees got wobbly. I was the one to start moaning.
“Oh f*k girl! Your pussy sweet!” I panted.
“Yeah? Well tek dat!” Shannon yelled. She is no push-over! Her hips rolled in tandem to the thumping bassline outside. We got lost in the music and the moment as I gripped her hips and threw my back into my performance. I shoved my dick so far up her pussy that I might not get it back out. She bounced and rolled and ground on my dick, and I could feel my balls tightening.
“Jesus! F*k it… I gine cum!”

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