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Sensual Lullaby

Why do we write as we do? A friend of mine – fellow poet Mariposa_BQ – says, “It’s because we see what others say.” I couldn’t agree more!  This is a new poem, done, of course, in #PassionStyle. Please enjoy, and make sure you either change panties or wipe down afterwards, because this is another hot one!

Sensual Lullaby
Moan for me
Boiling emotions bubbling over the tip of my glans
Spilling in drops of precum down my shaft
My excitement matches your intensity
Moan For me
Make my breath ragged as desire rages
Hotter than molten magma spewing from split earth
You are making love passionately with every
Moan for me
Every sultry sound rolling like raging ocean
Whipped into frenzy with the naked need goading my body’s tide
Making reason careen dangerously towards destruction
Smashing against the serrated teeth of seduction
That breaks your voice into a thousand slivers
Moan for me
Make me rock hard as body shakes to fight the desire to lose control
To forget propriety
And bury every inch of broken willpower repeatedly
Into your gripping femininity
Until the passion swelling from my hearing you
Moan for me
Explodes within you and coats your walls with the stickiness
Of my failed attempt to glue my self-discipline back together
Which, if I’m honest, I knew was impossible
The moment your voice broke
Along with my resolve.


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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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