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Robert R Gibson is a poet, spoken word artist and author.

He has had a love affair with words from the time he was a child, even sneaking away from Physical Education class to write short stories in secondary school. Once introduced to poetry, however, his love affair grew into an insatiable passion. He wrote his first poem at 14 and has not looked back since.

He writes from a heart of intense respect for the English language. One of his oft-repeated stories is of a poem that took two years to complete because it felt “off” – and to fix it, he says he, “…jumped out of bed one night, turned the computer on, and simply changed the comma in the middle line to a semicolon… it was PERFECT.”

His poetry has taken him from merely writing to performing as a spoken word artist, with the stage name PassionPoet. Although sensuality is his main forte, in his own words he says that, “Passion isn’t always about sex.” He writes about all intense emotions: euphoric joy, crushing grief, blinding anger … and, yes, overpowering, climactic sexual experiences.

His writing and performing has gotten him national recognition. He has gained awards in the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts in his native Barbados, copping a silver medal for his poem ‘Luscious’, two bronze medals for ‘Rain’ and ‘Goblet’, and the Most Promising Poet (Adult) incentive award in 2011.

He has recently continued his evolutionary journey, adding author to his accomplishments. In February 2014 he released his first book of sensual and romantic poetry, titled, simply, “EROTIC.” He has since released “OFFERING” in December 2014, and “SEDUCTION” in January 2015. He is already working on more titles!

Robert “inhales words and exhales poetry.” Welcome to his world!

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