Quotes Of Passion

Quotes of Passion


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”; “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, O Romeo…”

These quotes are quite famous for any student of either literature or love. The first quote is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the last two are from the great William Shakespeare himself.

Do you want to drop a morsel of sweetness into your lover’s ear? Do you want to ignite their passions with a well placed verse? The newest book from Robert R. Gibson, “QUOTES OF PASSION” is a beautiful collection of romantic quotes from the other three published books EROTIC, SEDUCTION and OFFERING.  It also contains short impromptu poems I call “Wordshines” because the lady they were written for at the time said they reminded her of a burst of sunshine in words in her inbox every morning!

This book is a potent addition to the Cassanova’s arsenal. In it are droplets of literary gold that have been panned from the river of Passion’s words. The mix of snippets and wordshines comes together to form a gold mine of sensual and romantic treasure that will be valued for all time!

It’s currently on Kindle right now!  KINDLE VERSION.


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