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One of my new pieces … sexuality and spirituality are inextricably linked in my world view.  Let this piece send you into meditation, as the picture that inspired it did me… MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy … Continue reading

I Reach For You

I wrote this poem in honour of the lady who became the 600th like on my EROTIC: Robert Gibson FB page. Temple BE is a beautiful, African Queen that I recently had the pleasure of connecting online; I searched through her page and wrote this as I was washed over by her and her page’s … Continue reading

EROTIC: Audre Lorde and the Internal Sense of Satisfaction

Many times, when I have been interviewed about my books and my inspiration as a poet, people ask me why I focus on the erotic. I even remember that someone asked me why my first book has the title “EROTIC.”  It is true that I write and perform a lot of poems about sex, and … Continue reading

Just Watching

This is written as a pre-Independence piece, thoughts commemorating the 48th Day of Independence for my country, Barbados.  Please enjoy. JUST WATCHING  I stop and stare while culture sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides down societal cracks. Desperate, I snatch air with clawed fingernails, digging trenches where villages were … Where values were…. Where neighbours were neighbours and looked out … Continue reading


Kundalini – sexual or creative energy that lays dormant until awakened…. this is a piece of poetry that may need a different title, but was inspired by one of the many online connections I have that spurs on my creative juices.  Please enjoy this new poem. Kundalini I Bow to the light in you Suckle … Continue reading

Tribute – A Call To Action

This poem is a rewrite to an older piece I have highlighted in my blog before – Tribute – which was written to inspire artists to use their art to speak to atrocities in the world. It was inspired by the CULTURES OF RESISTANCE documentary.   I have reworked it and lengthened it  so it … Continue reading

Happy National Heroes Day! Poem: Manifesto

On this, Barbados‘ National Heroes’ Day, I was inspired to finish a poem I started a while back.  David Commisong, one of our country’s most noted Pan-Africanists, was reading a selection of some of the poems from our most celebrated poet, Edward ‘Kamau’ Brathwaite.  an internationally acclaimed poet laureate.  The first stanza is actually a … Continue reading

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