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Author Spotlight: Anna B. Loved

A Facebook friend with an erotic – or as she likes to say – a fuckalicious personality, this author goes by the pseudonym Anna B. Loved.  I’ve been trying to get a pic from her for ages but, as with others who write erotic material, she wants to keep her public and her private lives separate. … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Mariposa

Let’s go a little closer to home.  Mariposa Reina is a Barbadian writer who is making strides to get her brand of erotica seen both locally and internationally.  And she’s a very good friend.  I used to be her mentor – and now I watch her fly like her namesake, ‘Butterfly Queen.’ Tell us a … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Jenavia Powell

What can I say about this next entrant to my Author Spotlight series? Jenavia Powell snuck up on me after I was introduced to her poetry via our mutual friend Tam Avery. Being a slut for awesome words, I started stalking her page and anywhere else I could find her.  I introduced her to my … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Gerald R. Johnson Jr.

I may love women – but I don’t only talk to them!  Gerald has the honour of being my first male Author Spotlight on the blog. *Cheers*   *Applause*   *Laugh track*   I love his humor and fun posts in our mutual group – the Erotic Empire (The FB side of PassionPoet.com) and I … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Tam Avery

We’re continuing the Author Spotlight series with one of my favourite poets, Tam Avery.  Tam has written five  (EDIT: Really it’s SEVEN!) books of poetry that you can check out by going here – Tam Avery’s Amazon Page.  Please check her out!  I have told her before that her poetry is one of my most … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Crystal L. Burks

My next Author Spotlight is of another one of my Facebook friends, Crystal L. Burks.  I have read her sexy stories in her books Ebony Articles: Volume I and Ebony Articles: Volume II and I must say I am extremely hooked. Her characters are alive with passion and I love how they jump off the page and into … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Kristi McGee

This is the first in a new series, Author Spotlight, where I interview some of my favourite authors and highlight their work.  First off the block is Kristi McGee, the author of MAGIC INK, sold on Amazon (www.createspace.com/5522673)      Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Kristi McGee? I’m just another face in the crowd. … Continue reading

Newspaper Feature: Passionate about Poetry

I have been featured in my local newspaper this weekend!  The Sunday Sun’s EASY magazine made me the centre pages feature, talking about myself, my poetry, my inspirations and my books.   PASSIONATE. HYPNOTIC. EROTIC. Robert “Passion Poet” Gibson’s wordplay entices and envelops you, painting pictures and conjuring images of heated bodies between sheets, and … Continue reading

First Interview – Valentine’s Day 2013

I thought I would take you all back to my first ever international interview – the one that started my online career as PassionPoet. One day in early January, I received an FB inbox message from this name that I didn’t know.  Jamie Bond had said she got in contact with me because she had … Continue reading

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