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Tam Avery Reviews OFFERING

I have not figured out a way of reblogging from the free WordPress platform to my blog – maybe it can’t be done. So, I have copied the review of Offering that my friend Tam Avery wrote for me from her blog Fluent In Words (https://fluentinwords.wordpress.com) Hey guys! I know I’m hella late with this review … Continue reading


I’ve just been playing with concepts – this may or may not be a pure haiku – but I just realized I haven’t done a short piece of poetry on this blog for some time now, and I haven’t gotten up the courage (been lazy!) to try my hand at some of the other styles … Continue reading

Sun Salutation

My poem this morning is a departure from my normal free-flow style. Now, I am not versed in a lot of the theory of poetry beyond the basic definitions of stanza, line, rhyme and literary devices, so I would be hard pressed to explain the rhythm of this piece in terms of meter, feet and … Continue reading


This is another gogyohka ….. in a mellow mood. Enjoy… Afterglow (Gogyohka) Sweet silence sings after climactic crescendo nestled intimacies… lullabies… peace…

Triumph (Sonnet)

I was working on this sonnet since last year, after a friend of mine was – in my opinion – unfairly boosted out of her job.  She was a great help to my friends and I as it related to learning about poetry and we felt as though that there were certain forces that were unnecessarily working … Continue reading

Flirt (Gogohka)

In the spirit of fun,  I tried another gogohka.  Hope it makes someone smile!  How many ladies can relate? Flirt Voyeur wind, peeking flirt Ruffles dress, lifting skirt Hands push down, lady blushes Naughty wind’s already rushing to do the same thing again! (Submitted to The Poetry Pantry )

Alight (Haiku)

I’m back with another haiku … still trying out new forms and working them till I’m comfortable with them.  This one came from a friend’s conversation, where she likened love to a butterfly that alights on your shoulder – so delicate, but so close you can see it’s intricacies.  So, this is inspired by and … Continue reading


We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. –Dalai Lama Wilt (Gogyohka) Drooping stem weeps petals Shedding fragrance Fading lustre Mimosa not startled Longing anyway. Related articles Two Forms: Inspired (poetwhispers.wordpress.com) What Poetry Isn’t (brandinielsen.wordpress.com) Forms: Haiku/Senryu (anglachel27.wordpress.com) Purretry Corner: Kitteh Haikus (icanhascheezburger.com) Poetry Writing Prompt (thenightlypoem.com) Haiku with … Continue reading


This is a play on words (actually, it’s a gogyohka)  based on writing prompts at the Gooseberry Garden. (Choose from Snow, December, Winter, Vacations and Wilderness – these are the themes for the Third Poetry Picnic… check out the website for the entire prompt, I’m too lazy to type it out LOL) Enjoy…  December Wind … Continue reading

Two Forms: Inspired

I’m accustomed to writing free verse, and more recently, spoken word pieces. On this occasion I wanted to try something new – so I wrote a haiku… (Didn’t mean to rhyme there!)  Anyhow, I had a flash of inspiration, so I  free flowed a poem in my regular style, then transformed it into a haiku. … Continue reading

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