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Another Brain Dump poem … just reflecting. Maybe someone else can relate. HOMICIDE Fingers tracing exit wounds, reflectively; Memories instinctively retracing steps Like an errant thief returning unerringly to the scene of their crime. Heart beats, slowly, carefully…. Life returning to normal But Kevlar is worn under my dress shirt now As nightmares of kickbacks … Continue reading


In the aftermath of heartbreak the poet scribes …. emotions shaped with master craftsmanship from chipping away at resolve.   GAMBLER I feel like I help women heal – not for me, but for the next one. I feel like they use my comfort as a stepping stone, Rising above their pain to triumph, And … Continue reading


This poem is another brain dump … I write for myself, but I know that there are several people who will relate to this piece. I always want to give a little intro to my pieces, but, this time, I think it speaks for itself. OOOPS! Oooops, excuse me… your superficiality is showing! Better close … Continue reading

Reality or Fallacy

I am known for focusing on sexuality and sensuality, on writing about yonis and orgasms. But, with that being said, I write other things too. Poetry, for me, started out to be a venting tool, a catharsis. When I write like that, sometimes I don’t show those pieces immediately because of their personal nature. I … Continue reading

May My Voice Always Make You Doze…

Does anybody else have this ailment? Several partners have told me that my voice soothes them into a slumber, even when I’m not trying to be sexy. They say it’s relaxing and makes them feel secure.  I used to be a little hurt, because a lot of the time I was actually opening up about … Continue reading


  I had a quick little write this weekend after thinking about the word ‘Kryptonite.’  I love having moments of inspiration based off of random words … Tell me what you think …   Picture credit: DreamerOfExistence (DeviantArt) KRYPTONITE Strength bleeds as resolve crumbles Self-determination fades Thoughts of you assassinate composure And, though, invulnerability is … Continue reading

I’ve Been Robbed!

I’ve not been on this blog for a long time – it’s been steadily declining in stats over the last couple months. I apologize to my readers for that. I’ve been going through some emotional stresses recently and basically I’m struggling to get my zeal for writing back.  But of course, I have to explain … Continue reading


My Queen and I are in an open, long distance relationship. She lives in Antigua, and has been with me for two months, but that time ends for us on Sunday. I’m trying to deal, and I usually do so by writing. This is the other side of Passion … passionate emotions, not always sexual … Continue reading

Vigil II

I was going to ignore the call to write a poem a day for April #NationalPoetryMonth, but since I’ve been writing a poem a day anyway, I decided to give it a whirl.  This is day #4, and this is the poem that I came up with, while processing some things in my life. Vigil … Continue reading

Darkness Falls

Haven’t posted here in a couple weeks. I have been going through a tumultuous weekend, culminating in a very emotional conversation.  While mulling over how I felt about it, I had a moment of  literary processing. Those who know me know that my therapeutic poems are called ‘brain dumps’, as I’m just dumping out my thoughts … Continue reading

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