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The One I Imagine

This poem is one of two collaborations I did with my friend Thobekile “Thobs” Mbanda, who visited Barbados for a couple of months in 2013.  She left before we could perform our collabs together, and I decided to release one of them here. The One I Imagine Thobs You Are the man That sends Shivers … Continue reading

Kiss Me With Your Eyes

Beautiful collaboration between Dawn Blanchard / Deep Rivers and myself   Kiss Me With Your Eyes…. Dawn: Kiss me with your eyes As the darkness inside me fades into my shadow My pain blended into many colors of forgotten dreams See I realized that what is or was Never has been Used and discarded along … Continue reading

Secrets (Collab)

I took the original SECRETS and merged it with the poetic genius of my friend Jenavia Powell and came up with this piece.  Enjoy!  It was originally posted on my FB page PassionPoet246 … SECRETS (PassionPoet / Jenavation Collaboration) Passion Come … tell me a secret… Say it… Shhhhhhh Not loud… Just whisper it…. Tell … Continue reading


Here’s a short sexy sweet poem between myself and Lisa Lipps…. we really vibe together when we write! Check this out!     CHOCOLATE Passion Your words go straight to my groin, Making me want to make love: Each word masturbates my mind Using magnificent metaphor and style…. Make my mind cum with your words … Continue reading

It Started With A Drink (part 2)

Here’s part 2 to It Started With a Drink, my collab poem with C. Lynette Burks. To start reading Part 1, go here Remember, my verses are in normal text, hers are bolded and in italics. The image is an awesome painting by Ronald McDowell, called ‘Midnight Tango.’  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/moonlight-tango-ron-mcdowell.html IT STARTED WITH A DRINK …  (Part … Continue reading

It Started With a Drink… Part 1

This poem is a collaboration between myself and C. Lynette Burks – she had recently done an Author Spotlight on her blog about me (Read it here: Author Spotlight, June 10, 2015) and we got to chatting on Facebook.  We decided to do an erotic collab which started on Friday and went on between us … Continue reading

The Kiss

I love collaborations; here’s another one with a beautiful poet – Rennetta Lewis. THE KISS (Collab: PassionPoet / Rennetta Lewis) Passion: Kiss me. Let the desires of my mouth tasting yours move from fantasy to physicality, Let the touch of your lips on mine become my blessing, my reality; I cannot live another day without … Continue reading

You, Me and Poetry

Tam Avery and I have fun collaborating on poems … here’s another recent one…. You, Me and Poetry (Robert) I want our minds to merge with sexual abandon.. (Tam) Merging and mingling Tingling spines Along with verbs… (Robert) Adjectives Inject incentives into Our mental movements – Let us stir similes into our sentences with The … Continue reading


One of my favourite poets, Tam Avery, and I on another collaboration!  Enjoy! Amazed! Robert I am amazed at your beauty Your glory Is in your mind But Manifesting bodily Your bountiful breasts call to me Your yoni sings And I move rhythmically In time to the melody Of your body’s orchestra…. Tam Then orchestrate … Continue reading

Love’s Lotion

Going through my archives found a collab that I did with my friend Leanne…  Please enjoy! LOVE’S LOTION Leanne: Naked legs step out of an empty shower Skin dripping wet Towel reached down Dragged across clean flesh Across breast Down the sides In between thighs To dry wiggling toes Purpose fulfilled Towel is replaced by … Continue reading

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