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Naniki: Frank Collymore Hall 2016

I’m passionate about jazz…. I soooo love it! I was sitting on this piece that was inspired by my trip to the Frank Collymore Hall here in Barbados for the Naniki Music Festival’s night back in January. I came home and wrote this piece, and let it simmer for a while.  Please enjoy it! Naniki: … Continue reading


I am always stuck trying to find words to describe my Queen.  On top of that, I have seen some patterns in my work – using similar metaphors, poem structures, and stuff like that. It was even mentioned to me by one of my friends who has followed my work over the years. So! I … Continue reading


Posting another poem that was exclusive to my FB page – you can check out more of the notes HERE.  What’s your FETISH? FETISH You might think me fresh – maybe crazy But can you give me a peek? Want to see your panties – That sight stirs up my fantasies; Blue, or white or pink … Continue reading

When I Kiss You (Collab)

When two people connect as artists, time and space don’t matter.  I met Jana Hannah on Facebook and we started to click almost immediately, even though she is in the States and I am in Barbados. We started to write this poem together but family emergencies pulled her away for a couple months – until … Continue reading


Who has ever had the kind of out of world experience of love? Check my poem … Galactic Can you feel it? I can. I can feel the burn of being too close to the flame The hairs on my skin singe when you’re near And I want to cool down – But I can’t. … Continue reading


I’m on a roll! First there was Immeasurable, then Inseparable, the Indescribable and now Irrefutable … can anyone see a pattern here?  Please enjoy my latest poem in this series! I’ve coined the phrase “Superlative Poetry” to describe the feelings each poem gives! Irrefutable My love for you is irrefutable. Even though it is indescribable by societal standards And … Continue reading


I haven’t posted in here for a little while, but I decided to break my silence today.  I’m in love, and I’m Passion, after all, so I decided to release one of my personal poems to my Beloved on my blog. For all of you reading this, go kiss your significant other… or go find … Continue reading


I’ve just been playing with concepts – this may or may not be a pure haiku – but I just realized I haven’t done a short piece of poetry on this blog for some time now, and I haven’t gotten up the courage (been lazy!) to try my hand at some of the other styles … Continue reading

Election Day

While today Barbadians exercise their constitutional right to vote for the government that will lead them into the next 5 year term, I decided to cast my vote with my heart and not my head.  I give you …. Election Day Today, we vote. We mark the ‘x’ next to the one We want to … Continue reading

Sweet Nothings

Found a fragment of a poem that I loved but had not publicized before today … enjoy this little romantic piece of poetry – find someone and whisper some… Sweet Nothings I can hear your voice in every line every word dances in my mind pirouetting phrases twhirl synapses Mind dances to pen’s beat rhythmic … Continue reading

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