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Naniki: Frank Collymore Hall 2016

I’m passionate about jazz…. I soooo love it! I was sitting on this piece that was inspired by my trip to the Frank Collymore Hall here in Barbados for the Naniki Music Festival’s night back in January. I came home and wrote this piece, and let it simmer for a while.  Please enjoy it! Naniki: … Continue reading

The One I Imagine

This poem is one of two collaborations I did with my friend Thobekile “Thobs” Mbanda, who visited Barbados for a couple of months in 2013.  She left before we could perform our collabs together, and I decided to release one of them here. The One I Imagine Thobs You Are the man That sends Shivers … Continue reading


Do you ever feel like you are seeing the most intimate side to a writer when you are reading their work? This poem was inspired while reading “Shades of My Lipstick” by Jenavia Powell.  Her work is awesome to me. I feel like she’s stripping for me and dropping off insecurities like clothes, opening her … Continue reading


One of my new pieces … sexuality and spirituality are inextricably linked in my world view.  Let this piece send you into meditation, as the picture that inspired it did me… MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy … Continue reading

Naked II

I named this NAKED II because it has similar themes to NAKED I – female empowerment.  At least, that’s what I got out of it. What did you get?   NAKED II And she stands erect. Hands raised in worship, head tilted upward, drinking in the rain. Liquid, chanting refrains fall from the heavens with … Continue reading

I Reach For You

I wrote this poem in honour of the lady who became the 600th like on my EROTIC: Robert Gibson FB page. Temple BE is a beautiful, African Queen that I recently had the pleasure of connecting online; I searched through her page and wrote this as I was washed over by her and her page’s … Continue reading

Free Spirit

 I’ve been away from this page for a little while – but I am back with news – the PassionPoet has married his Queen, LadyPassion, in a civil ceremony on Thursday, 14th August.  Being the big romantic I am, I secretly wrote her this poem and read it after the formal vows, surprising her and … Continue reading


Kundalini – sexual or creative energy that lays dormant until awakened…. this is a piece of poetry that may need a different title, but was inspired by one of the many online connections I have that spurs on my creative juices.  Please enjoy this new poem. Kundalini I Bow to the light in you Suckle … Continue reading


It’s not a haiku but it is a short piece – I thought about expanding it and maybe I might if the mood strikes, but this piece is the completion of a thought I started with yesterday morning. Just playing around with concepts.  I give you…. Heavenward Want to sink so deeply Into you that … Continue reading

Happy National Heroes Day! Poem: Manifesto

On this, Barbados‘ National Heroes’ Day, I was inspired to finish a poem I started a while back.  David Commisong, one of our country’s most noted Pan-Africanists, was reading a selection of some of the poems from our most celebrated poet, Edward ‘Kamau’ Brathwaite.  an internationally acclaimed poet laureate.  The first stanza is actually a … Continue reading

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