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The Poem In Me

In my last post, I talked about one of my poems that had been accepted into St.Somewhere Journal, and although I linked to the Journal itself, I neglected to link to the poem that got accepted.  I decided to rectify that today.  This is the poem that has been accepted – speaking to the writer’s … Continue reading

Tree of Magashi

This is my first guest post on my blog Passion’s Pleasure!  I wanted to have this poem up on this site on Friday, as it was International Women’s Day. However, as the day before was World Book Day, I was downloading over 50 books to my Kindle, and my Gmail account was temporarily blocked; they … Continue reading

Proud Leo

This poem was written last year when I was deciding to embrace change in my life. I was redefining who I was and who I wanted to be, and I was at the time listening to my friend Ras Bash’s song “I AM LION” almost every day, sort of like a meditation for the day. … Continue reading

Tribute (Call to Action)

This poem is in response to the DVD “Cultures of Resistance” that I have watched a couple weeks ago. In the film, different artistes used their art to discuss atrocities in their lives – war, genocide, etc – and promote peace.  The website http://www.culturesofresistance.org has this on its “About Us” page: Worldwide, people from all … Continue reading

Emperor and Empress

There’s a reason for my joviality in my last post ‘Nine‘ and I have been pretty caught up in that – that plus other things has been why no one has seen me around my blog for the past three weeks or so. (Phew, who knew dust could gather so quickly? *Blows cobwebs* *cough cough … Continue reading

Triumph (Sonnet)

I was working on this sonnet since last year, after a friend of mine was – in my opinion – unfairly boosted out of her job.  She was a great help to my friends and I as it related to learning about poetry and we felt as though that there were certain forces that were unnecessarily working … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by a conversation that two of my friends had after one cut her locks.  Sam had been growing her hair for about 5 years and felt that she wanted a change – she also commented that the locks were not the size that she wanted and I believe she will regrow … Continue reading

Two Forms: Inspired

I’m accustomed to writing free verse, and more recently, spoken word pieces. On this occasion I wanted to try something new – so I wrote a haiku… (Didn’t mean to rhyme there!)  Anyhow, I had a flash of inspiration, so I  free flowed a poem in my regular style, then transformed it into a haiku. … Continue reading


The below piece was my response to a situation involving one of my friends and her son – they are of Rastafarian faith, but her son was refused entry to a private preschool because of his hair-style.  It has inflamed my circle of friends and has sent ripples through the nation, as newspapers took up … Continue reading


I have worked hard on this piece.  The title is deliberately provocative, but I really am wanting to celebrate womanhood…. please come, sit, and get Naked…. Naked Release hair from abnormal snare. Untangle regal crown, let natural locks f-l-o-w down soft brown skin. Conscious daughter, flaunt your beauty, reveal your knowledge; flowing like the locks … Continue reading

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