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You, Me, Jazz and Poetry

Here’s a new poem about two of my favourite topics – women and jazz.  It’s a nice romantic piece. Please enjoy… You, Me, Jazz and Poetry You, me, jazz, and poetry, Combining seductively Into single entity. Joining – Producing ecstatic sensory Overload. We dance Hearts swaying rhythmic in time to music’s magic; Taken to levels … Continue reading


A moment in time encapsulated in verse…  Enjoy! TOUCH Sparks snap synapses Skin touches skin Fingers curl Tracing palm’s love lines As world drifts away….   And there …   There is only us.   No crowd No noise Music muted to a murmur.   Just us   Our hands linked Longing Desirous of delving … Continue reading

Wordshine: Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  This reminds me of a poem that I wrote and posted here a couple years ago when I was courting a good friend of mine – I fell in love and wanted to be more than just friends. She had told me she wasn’t ready to date yet, but I … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Inseparable

“When I first saw you” – Love Quote from the book Offering


Posting another poem that was exclusive to my FB page – you can check out more of the notes HERE.  What’s your FETISH? FETISH You might think me fresh – maybe crazy But can you give me a peek? Want to see your panties – That sight stirs up my fantasies; Blue, or white or pink … Continue reading


This poem was written just as me following an inspired thought … but I think it came out pretty well!  And – GASP! – it’s SHORT! Ecstatic Moans float ethereal upon passion tinged air; Hanging, tangible – beautiful like sculpture, Or intricate like water colour masterpiece. Twinkling like crystal hit by the right light, Angled … Continue reading

Free Audio Love Poem!

Has anybody ever caused your breath to catch in your throat? Their beauty is so stunning that you couldn’t find words – or even breath?  Has anyone ever left you SPEECHLESS? That’s happened to me a couple times – and, as a lover of words, I must say that’s hard to do – I ALWAYS … Continue reading

When I Kiss You (Collab)

When two people connect as artists, time and space don’t matter.  I met Jana Hannah on Facebook and we started to click almost immediately, even though she is in the States and I am in Barbados. We started to write this poem together but family emergencies pulled her away for a couple months – until … Continue reading

Sweet Treat

I’ve been accused of having a food fetish by those who know me well… Maybe! (Wicked grin!) Anyway, a good friend of mine inspired this piece … I know you will like it, as does she.  I love dessert… Sweet Treat Cream, whipped Spread on slit With aplomb Parted legs my dish Fulfilling your wish … Continue reading

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