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Celebration (Collab)

I wrote Celebration in honour of Anna B. Loved’s birthday… and when I showed it to her, I told her she could reply to it if she wished.  I just LOVE inspiring sexy verse like this…. enjoy the extended version of this awesome poem… ‘over and over again!’ CELEBRATION Passion: Let my words Trace Your … Continue reading


I’m on a roll! First there was Immeasurable, then Inseparable, the Indescribable and now Irrefutable … can anyone see a pattern here?  Please enjoy my latest poem in this series! I’ve coined the phrase “Superlative Poetry” to describe the feelings each poem gives! Irrefutable My love for you is irrefutable. Even though it is indescribable by societal standards And … Continue reading


After my poem “Immeasurable“, I set myself a challenge to write similar poems in similar style – longer lines and a similar rhythmic pattern.  I also deliberately chose similar superlative words as titles, so I wrote “Inseparable” soon after. This is another one in that series; it’s quite short, in comparison to my usual length. … Continue reading


Was working on a birthday verse for a friend and because I didn’t remember today was Tuesday (national holidays on Mondays will do that to you!) I realized I didn’t have a new piece for Open Link Night 90 today over at D’Verse.  So see me scrambling in my finished pieces and fragments on my … Continue reading


I was inspired by the smile of one of my friends as she changed her profile pic on FB last week … I built a poem off the feelings driven by her pic.  Enjoy, and be made… Speechless…. You left me speechless: tongue tied. Voice fading into nothingness – the abyss left as I fell … Continue reading

Sweet Nothings

Found a fragment of a poem that I loved but had not publicized before today … enjoy this little romantic piece of poetry – find someone and whisper some… Sweet Nothings I can hear your voice in every line every word dances in my mind pirouetting phrases twhirl synapses Mind dances to pen’s beat rhythmic … Continue reading

Kiss Me…

I was musing and daydreaming yesterday, and came up with this…. Kiss Me Kiss me. Let our lips touch, Drawn together with the pull of magnets put close. Let our tongues wrestle, running like children playing hide and seek… U hide I seek Seek to catch a peek of pink as you play slipping away … Continue reading

Let Me / Let You

This is my first FB collab… it’s a collaboration between myself and Iris Flow, another one of my FB friends who has some awesome poetry in her FB notes.  I honestly thought I had this on my blog already …. how in heaven’s name did I not ……  Another thing… forgive the contractions in the … Continue reading


I’ve been away from the Internet and my blog for too long, for several different reasons… but I’m back! New internet connection and new passions!  Right now, though, I’ve come down with a bout of lovesickness….  maybe someone can relate? Lovesick I get drunk off your essence Your presence leaves me high Buzzed Floating on … Continue reading

In Tandem…

Here’s a nice little write that popped into my head a couple months ago that I sat down today and finished this afternoon for dVerse.  I am going to sit down one day soon and do a recording of this spoken word piece.  Hope you enjoy the intrinsic rhythm of this piece, and I will … Continue reading

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