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Reality or Fallacy

I am known for focusing on sexuality and sensuality, on writing about yonis and orgasms. But, with that being said, I write other things too. Poetry, for me, started out to be a venting tool, a catharsis. When I write like that, sometimes I don’t show those pieces immediately because of their personal nature. I … Continue reading

Make Love To Me

Make Love To Me Come – make love to me. Want to feel your kiss plumb Deeply into my soul… So passionately it makes knees weak, tongue numb can’t speak, breath spent; shiver went like lightning to lowest point AND highest peak short circuiting every nerve ending seeking release… no peace for the aroused… wanna hold … Continue reading

PassionPoet: Introduction

This is the introduction poem that I start my performances with when I step onto a stage.  I share it here as I was practicing it this morning and had a WAVE of POSITIVE ENERGY overwhlem me … so I want to spread it to everyone! Introduction I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR…. of the heart… But … Continue reading


Enjoy this new poem …. I was just feeling in a “Take this d*ck” kinda mood… We don’t always have to go slow No… I want to take you with quickness Show you I’m able to handle this… Want to throw you down Spread petals wide Slide inside with the speed of a Nascar driver … Continue reading

Tribute – A Call To Action

This poem is a rewrite to an older piece I have highlighted in my blog before – Tribute – which was written to inspire artists to use their art to speak to atrocities in the world. It was inspired by the CULTURES OF RESISTANCE documentary.   I have reworked it and lengthened it  so it … Continue reading


I stopped combing my mind, so my thoughts could lock!!! ~Saul Williams~ This poem started out of a conversation I had at work where I was explaining the significance of my growing dreadlocks (or just ‘locs’, coz I reject the notion of there being something dreadful about my hair!)  Anyhow, to me they represent my … Continue reading


I have posted this poem on my FB fan page recently, and decided to post it here as well for Open Link Night on dVerse Poetry Pub.  If you’ve already read it, pass it on.  This is one of the love poems I wrote for my sweetheart…. I love you, baby…. INSEPARABLE For I have … Continue reading


Eroticism is not jut sexual – it is FULLY engaging the senses.  That means, even fully appreciating a heaping breakfast that is decorated well and smells heavenly, and actually engaging it and appreciating it while eating it is erotic.  So… there we have it. An expanded view on eroticism.  Now. Close your books.  The lesson … Continue reading


For all you cooking fans – you know when you have something marinating in seasonings for a while? How the flavour soaks into the main dish?  Well, whenever I have a piece of a poem – an idea that made my muse run a marathon but cut out only after a hundred yard dash (I … Continue reading


I was on a roll this morning with my daily poem… I must admit I am impressed how well it turned out How big is my love?  It is…. Immeasurable My love is immeasurable Like if I tried to count exactly how many grains of sand Were on Accra Beach at 1 in the morning … Continue reading

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