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Love Quotes: Valentine’s Day

Wordshine: Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  This reminds me of a poem that I wrote and posted here a couple years ago when I was courting a good friend of mine – I fell in love and wanted to be more than just friends. She had told me she wasn’t ready to date yet, but I … Continue reading

“When I first saw you” – Love Quote from the book Offering

Election Day

While today Barbadians exercise their constitutional right to vote for the government that will lead them into the next 5 year term, I decided to cast my vote with my heart and not my head.  I give you …. Election Day Today, we vote. We mark the ‘x’ next to the one We want to … Continue reading

Morning Ritual

I am letting you into a secret world – the world where I declare my love for my baby daily. I write her a note every day telling her I love her – either a letter or a poem.  About two days ago, I was musing on this particular practice and decided that my morning … Continue reading

Missing You

Thinking I will let you into my heart …. this is yet another simple love poem – my emotion was too raw to bring a whole lot of fancy styles to this piece.  Enjoy! Missing You My arms miss your arms, my lips miss your kiss, The tangle of limbs Pretzel-like with a hint of … Continue reading


I’ve been away from the Internet and my blog for too long, for several different reasons… but I’m back! New internet connection and new passions!  Right now, though, I’ve come down with a bout of lovesickness….  maybe someone can relate? Lovesick I get drunk off your essence Your presence leaves me high Buzzed Floating on … Continue reading


Just had a quick flash of inspiration today – it’s a quick little verse, not really one that I put much thought into … was throwing some sweet talk, and this came out: Contradictions Thoughts of love twist like a child’s windmill blowing furiously in the gusts of my devotion My love blows kisses that float … Continue reading


This flowed from my pen yesterday morning  –  it came straight out of inspiration from a friend’s BlackBerry Messenger status… Enjoy!  Anointing Anoint my lips with fiery kisses Baptize me in your oil flowing from the passion of our joining Immersed completely within gripping folds We rise and fall repeatedly until we call to the … Continue reading


I wanted to share another wordshine poem – this one written this morning!    🙂 Synonyms Soft sunlight steals slowly over silent sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sensual smile slips sexily across sweet face…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Synonymous

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