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Sensual Lullaby

Why do we write as we do? A friend of mine – fellow poet Mariposa_BQ – says, “It’s because we see what others say.” I couldn’t agree more!  This is a new poem, done, of course, in #PassionStyle. Please enjoy, and make sure you either change panties or wipe down afterwards, because this is another … Continue reading

The Year of Passion!

This is my year! I am pushing forward with several goals this year. For the last six months, my inaugural novel was on hold because I had entered it into the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (FCLE) competition. “Make It Raine” didn’t win any awards, but I still feel honoured to be a part of the … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your patronage and support of my endeavours under the EroticEmpire brand, as PassionPoet, and the Passionate Words Editing Services in 2016 and we look forward to serving you in 2017!

Christmas Cleaning

Christmas in Barbados is a hive of frenetic energy. Traditionally the time when everyone does massive household cleanups, home repairs, changing of household amenities such as curtains and bed sheets. Barbadians flock to hardware stores for paint, cloth stores and department stores for bed linens and curtains, and the supermarkets for food.  Christmas in Barbados … Continue reading

Mahalia’s Corner: Twice As Nice

I procrastinated writing last week’s post, and so I’m gonna try to do a mashup of both weeks so far in one post. LOL Now that that disclaimer is out of the way…Just enjoy! This is September, and I decided to do something for myself this month. One of the things I decided to do … Continue reading


I just want to take this time to celebrate the love and commitment of two of my best friends, Dempstu (DJ) Simmons, and his new bride Keisha (EmpressZingha) Simmons.  I saw their love grow from her being one of his fans to solid friendship to dating and now to marriage! DJ is one of the primary … Continue reading


This poem is dedicated to my Queen …. as all the love poems are *mushy moment*  Anyway … This is for you, and all the other lovers in the Universe… INFINITE Our love is infinite, like the stars: Birthing and growing, dying and being reborn in the eternity of time For, just as you can … Continue reading


I’ve been telling you about my books and where I want to go with the business side of writing – creating and growing what I have started to call the EroticEmpire.  I will get into the details of where I want to go with that in another post. For now, let me bless you with … Continue reading

Passion Out and About: Book Launch & GF Expo

The last time I was posting here I was letting you know about my recently concluded book launch and book table at Girlfriends Expo … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Promotion / Book Launch

If you are in Barbados next weekend, February 13th, 2016 will be a special day of sizzle and sexiness!  I will re-launch my books EROTIC and SEDUCTION as well as introduce the Barbadian public to OFFERING and QUOTES OF PASSION, which have previously been only pushed online.     There will be giveaways and a … Continue reading

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