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On this page I will highlight snippets of my works in progress!  Keep checking this page, because the title of the #WIP may be the same, but the snippet will change periodically as I find myself awed by what my characters are doing!


Make it Raine official cover

Reluctantly pulling my hands away from my crotch, my trimmed pussy screaming for more, I stood up, dropped the hem of my skirt, washed my hands and exited the bathroom. That reminded me.

“Raine, where’s my panty? I can’t find it.”

Raine got all seductive looking as he said, “I’m keeping it.”

This must be the night for surprising the shit out of me. Again, pure astonishment shone like a lighthouse beacon from my face. “Excuse me?”

“I’m keeping it,” he said again. “I need to remember this night – and I feel a poem coming.”

That piqued my interest.

“You mean you want to write a poem based off of that?”

“Man yes, nuh! Your scent inspires me, and your voice when you came…” He seemed to drift off into another dimension while I, truth be told, was ecstatic. Raine wants to write a poem inspired by me? Oh fuck yessssssss….

“Man, give me my panty man!” I couldn’t let him know what I was thinking. I had to at least put up some resistance. The earlier tension had faded away and I was feeling a little playful.

“You mean this?” he asked with mock innocence, as he pulled it from his pants pocket.

“Give me that!” I reached up to try to grab it, but he held it up away from me, laughing. Fuck my genes for making me only 5’1”.

“Boy you….”

He captured whatever I was going to say in a passionate lip lock, again taking me by surprise. I melted.

“I said I’m keeping it.” His eyes blazed into mine, and I acquiesced.

“Okay, fine.” Inside I was thrilled, but I was making him feel like I guess I should make him feel, playing hard to get. However, the time for playing games was over.

“Okay…. I have to get out of here.” I needed to leave before I begged him to let me ride his thick dick again, before I stripped and made him eat my pussy until my cream ran down his chin and stained his pretty wine coloured sofa. I wrestled to get away from his magnetism.

“I don’t want to be the cause of you losing a poem idea! I’m a journalist, so I know how important getting those snippets of thought down as soon as possible is!”

I turned to go. While rummaging for my car keys, I felt his presence come up behind me. He grabbed me around the waist and sunk his teeth into my neck. Now those who know me know that if you bite my neck it’s all over. Well, I guess he was about to find out. All my resolve evaporated in that instant and I felt him bend me over to place my hands flat against the wall. My dress was rolled up over my hips and his dick plunged deep into me in another savage attack on my pussy. I rolled my hips to meet his thrusts and we slammed into one another right there. I used my pussy muscles to grab his dick; I felt him swell in that characteristic way it did the first time. I felt his hands grab my hair – my $600 in Remy held firm as he rode me from behind, using my hair as the bridle. I came hard and fast, and he was soon behind.


* * * * * *


“Yes! You have the supernatural gift of panty wetting.”

“Really? So is your panty wet now?”

“Not wearing any. But I sure am!” She pushed her body against me. My hand sneaked under her little flare skirt and investigated. Oh shit – she wasn’t kidding. She was slick with arousal and my middle finger slipped between her folds easily. She gasped as I pressed myself closer to her and found her clit.

“Oh Raine….” she breathed into my ear.

I was too busy sucking on her earlobe to answer. I pulled my finger out of her and pulled her towards the bathrooms. Looking left and right until the coast was clear, we slipped stealthily into the ladies’ bathroom. I leaned her against the closest wall and pulled up her dress. Her shaved pussy glistened wetly in anticipation of more ministrations and, obliging, my fingers eagerly resumed their roaming exploration inside her. Her body started shaking under the combined assault of her building orgasm and the pressure to keep quiet before we were discovered. Moans squeezed through tightly clenched lips while I continued to finger her with my left hand. I stuck my tongue down her throat as I started pulling down her spaghetti straps to free her breasts. She was openly moaning now as I started to aggresively suck her right nipple. Her hands came up and reflexively crushed my head to her breast. I channeled my inner baby and suckled on her as though she was giving me life.
I felt her hips rock rhythmically against my hand as I increased my speed. My dick was screaming for release, but I was intent on making Shannon learn the meaning of my name. My fingers were a blur on her clit.

“Oh God, Raine, Oh God, baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m -”

“Make… it … Raine…..”

“Oh fucccck!”

Her voice rang out loud as the overwhelming sensation of her climax obliterated the need for discretion. She tried to compose herself and hold it in, but as I pressed my fingers deeper into her pussy, relentlessly seeking that one final wave of pleasure, the dam broke and she squirted all over my hand.

“That’s what I’m talking about, baby….”

My hand was still deep inside her as her body shook. The most beautiful sound to me is the sound of a woman cumming; it is addictive!


Orgasm number – two? Three? I lost count – racked her body as I inhaled her unraveling composure like a crack addict going for his second hit of the day. I needed to pull away, because I didn’t actually intend to fuck her; not in here at least. The problem was, my dick was straining, wanting to feel the inside of her pussy. The more the holy incense of her desire rose to my nostrils, the more I wanted to be inside her. I lazily flicked her clit while I pondered my decision.

* * *

Stay tuned for more information about “MAKE IT RAINE.” For more information about my current books, CLICK HERE!


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. Definitely taking this teaser thing to a whole new level … loved these snippets!


    Posted by Gale Weithers | May 19, 2015, 5:55 PM


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