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Eroticism is not jut sexual – it is FULLY engaging the senses.  That means, even fully appreciating a heaping breakfast that is decorated well and smells heavenly, and actually engaging it and appreciating it while eating it is erotic.  So… there we have it. An expanded view on eroticism.  Now. Close your books.  The lesson … Continue reading


It’s not a haiku but it is a short piece – I thought about expanding it and maybe I might if the mood strikes, but this piece is the completion of a thought I started with yesterday morning. Just playing around with concepts.  I give you…. Heavenward Want to sink so deeply Into you that … Continue reading

Happy National Heroes Day! Poem: Manifesto

On this, Barbados‘ National Heroes’ Day, I was inspired to finish a poem I started a while back.  David Commisong, one of our country’s most noted Pan-Africanists, was reading a selection of some of the poems from our most celebrated poet, Edward ‘Kamau’ Brathwaite.  an internationally acclaimed poet laureate.  The first stanza is actually a … Continue reading

The Poem In Me

In my last post, I talked about one of my poems that had been accepted into St.Somewhere Journal, and although I linked to the Journal itself, I neglected to link to the poem that got accepted.  I decided to rectify that today.  This is the poem that has been accepted – speaking to the writer’s … Continue reading

Love’s Resuscitation

Here’s another romantic poem, inspired by real life.   Love’s Resuscitation Love is my nourishment, feeding my soul till sated; it rolls onto its back, Burping pleasure. I feed on your love, guzzling like a man finding a cold beverage after a long day; Bottle to head, pouring all of your attention down throat parched … Continue reading

Sun Salutation

My poem this morning is a departure from my normal free-flow style. Now, I am not versed in a lot of the theory of poetry beyond the basic definitions of stanza, line, rhyme and literary devices, so I would be hard pressed to explain the rhythm of this piece in terms of meter, feet and … Continue reading


I was inspired to write last night … one of my fans said she listened to my interview at Unmuted Ink (an online radio station – click here to listen to the show!) and her only disappointment was not hearing more sexy pieces.  As soon as she said that, I started writing.  Check this out… … Continue reading

Tell Me…

Here is another short poem, put up for Open Link Night at DVerse Poets.  Hear your loved one whispering…. Tell Me… Tell me what you want. Let your voice caress me lovingly Stroking my mind to stiffness As you whisper your wishes deep into my soul. Let my ears be your canvas, Painting portraits of … Continue reading

Worship II

I have been playing around with concepts and words lately.  I took a snippet of one of my daily love poems to my honey and expanded on it, playing with the concept of worship. Yes, I already have a poem named Worship, and you can see it here…. but enjoy my playing with myself and … Continue reading

Let Me / Let You

This is my first FB collab… it’s a collaboration between myself and Iris Flow, another one of my FB friends who has some awesome poetry in her FB notes.  I honestly thought I had this on my blog already …. how in heaven’s name did I not ……  Another thing… forgive the contractions in the … Continue reading

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