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Erotic Reviewed in BimRock Magazine

On the 1st of February, internationally recognized as both Black History Month AND the month of love, the third installment of BimROCK Magazine was launched. Kudos to Rachelle Gray and her Bimrock Magazine team for another successful magazine edition! For those who follow Robert Gibson, the PassionPoet, there is a review of EROTIC in the Reviews section … Continue reading

Newspaper Feature: Passionate about Poetry

I have been featured in my local newspaper this weekend!  The Sunday Sun’s EASY magazine made me the centre pages feature, talking about myself, my poetry, my inspirations and my books.   PASSIONATE. HYPNOTIC. EROTIC. Robert “Passion Poet” Gibson’s wordplay entices and envelops you, painting pictures and conjuring images of heated bodies between sheets, and … Continue reading

Seduction is LIVE!

(Or – “Look What Came In the Mail!) Check what came by UPS today: This is the physical proof copy of my latest book SEDUCTION, which is now available in Amazon’s Createspace.com and now at Amazon’s website.   WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Just Watching

This is written as a pre-Independence piece, thoughts commemorating the 48th Day of Independence for my country, Barbados.  Please enjoy. JUST WATCHING  I stop and stare while culture sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides down societal cracks. Desperate, I snatch air with clawed fingernails, digging trenches where villages were … Where values were…. Where neighbours were neighbours and looked out … Continue reading

Happy National Heroes Day! Poem: Manifesto

On this, Barbados‘ National Heroes’ Day, I was inspired to finish a poem I started a while back.  David Commisong, one of our country’s most noted Pan-Africanists, was reading a selection of some of the poems from our most celebrated poet, Edward ‘Kamau’ Brathwaite.  an internationally acclaimed poet laureate.  The first stanza is actually a … Continue reading

Tameka Jarvis-George: DINNER

I have been in contact with a lovely Antiguan lady Tameka Jarvis, who has a wonderful blog Bak2moi : Mommy On a Mission.  She is an author, a poet, and a beautiful lady inside and out.  She has been interviewed by Linisa George, another great friend, for her upcoming website Black Girl In The Ring. … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by some heart shattering news I got yesterday afternoon, as well as the photo prompt from Dverse Poetry Pub’s Poetics feature – Awareness of the Experience.  I have taken this shot – which, the artist says, is based in Barbados (where I’ve lived all my life) – and wrote a poem around … Continue reading

True Beauty

I’ve been practicing my short poems for a little while, and I send a friend of mine a poem every morning – sort of like our wake up tradition. She calls the poems her Wordshine, as the daily words bring sunshine smiles to her face! She is going to be a part of a local … Continue reading


I was inspired by being at TALK HARD – a spoken word/open mic/performance event put on by my buddies Adrian Greene and DJ Simmons.  I was just blown away at the talent we possess in Barbados (affectionately called ‘Bim’ by us Bajans) and, given my love affair with both poetry and jazz was just transported … Continue reading

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