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Today’s love quote — Your beauty

Your beauty arouses my muse sensuality excites pen’s muse my heart speeds up and I write verses flow out with all my might Wordshine -2012.01.24


Here’s a poem that was inspired by the voice of one of my fans. I saw her post a video on FB and I started writing immediately!  Enjoy! (Yes… it’s a short poem – GASP!) CELEBRATION She sang …. and I was stuck. Time stood still as notes twirled freely in the silence. Eternity paused … Continue reading


#justwriting #newpoem Tell me what you think … VENTING Intoxicating moaning. Sending shivers down spine Aural fingers stroking sensually, Making me stand straight … Ready to be inside you… Every hair stands up as your voice sliiiiiiiiiiiiiides into the recesses of my auditory canal, Making blissful sounds as I experience the explosions of your cumming … Continue reading


I stopped combing my mind, so my thoughts could lock!!! ~Saul Williams~ This poem started out of a conversation I had at work where I was explaining the significance of my growing dreadlocks (or just ‘locs’, coz I reject the notion of there being something dreadful about my hair!)  Anyhow, to me they represent my … Continue reading

Self Discovery

I’ve yet again found a poem hiding in my archives, a poem that I wrote a little while ago and after letting it rest for a while realized that it is good as it is for now. I like this piece – also easy to read aloud.  Enjoy this piece of Self Discovery I wish … Continue reading


I have worked hard on this piece.  The title is deliberately provocative, but I really am wanting to celebrate womanhood…. please come, sit, and get Naked…. Naked Release hair from abnormal snare. Untangle regal crown, let natural locks f-l-o-w down soft brown skin. Conscious daughter, flaunt your beauty, reveal your knowledge; flowing like the locks … Continue reading

Exquisite Beauty

I wrote this after I was chatting with a friend and I called her cute – she got mad! *grin* So I wrote this in response….   Exquisite Beauty You are not cute. You are exquisitely delicate Like fine expensive china. Your beauty sparkles off Your smile like the light Twinkling on diamonds, Hitting the … Continue reading

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