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Senseisha: Memoirs of The Caribbean Woman

This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for months, waiting for the perfect time for me to sit down and finish this review.  On the day after International Women’s Day, 2015, my Intuition nudged me gently: “It is time.” So, though the confession in this introduction belies the first line (“just” was last year … Continue reading

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Poems

  Valentine’s Day is coming up … Please don’t forget you can check out my books OFFERING, EROTIC and SEDUCTION as great Valentine’s Day gifts. Please click on the  book covers for more information!                       To give some incentive, this is one of the poems from EROTIC, called … Continue reading

Newspaper Feature: Passionate about Poetry

I have been featured in my local newspaper this weekend!  The Sunday Sun’s EASY magazine made me the centre pages feature, talking about myself, my poetry, my inspirations and my books.   PASSIONATE. HYPNOTIC. EROTIC. Robert “Passion Poet” Gibson’s wordplay entices and envelops you, painting pictures and conjuring images of heated bodies between sheets, and … Continue reading

Introduction to Passion

Below is the text of my article written for MEDIUM.COM. I post it here for all the new likes and followers on my pages!  Welcome; please stay a while! INTRODUCTION TO PASSION What is Passion? Dictionary.com has this to say: noun 1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. 2. strong … Continue reading

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